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  1. Kennyd167

    Fire station call

    Took a phone call from this female today who said "my Audi a5 is on fire at the side of the road" I asked her "how do we get there" she says "doah IN THE BIG RED TRUCK". ������������
  2. Kennyd167


    Bought a harmon (original Audi) phone and bluetooth with wiring harness cos I was getting the "telephone not installed" on the screen. Fitted the wiring and put the b/tooth module behind glovebox. Had it at a few VW Audi specialists and Sandra kindly at the drop of a hat organised a late...
  3. Kennyd167

    A big thanks to Sandra and Eddie for trying to sort out my coding problem.turns out i need a canbus cable and eddie has a hex cable. Nothing ventured eh. Thanks again.
  4. Kennyd167