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    Bought a FBMFSW and airbag

    Just realised the connector is there anyway of fixing this? The airbag is from an Audi A5 I believe 8R0880201N Thanks
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    Will 19x8.5 with ET50 fit on the B7?

    I've seen some wheels I like but they're ET50 on 235/35/19 tyres. My car is lowered on H&R 35mm springs. I'm sure the tyre size is fine but I'm terrible with offsets. Will I need spacers? Cheers guys
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    t8ups Xenon conversion done!

    So I popped over to see T8ups this morning for my halogen to xenon conversion. I had the standard halogens before, don't think we need before pictures of that! Some after shots below. I opted for the matt black internals too, painted by T8ups in advance as i booked in with him over a week ago...
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    quick question re Xenon ballasts

    Hi guys I'm looking to upgrade my halogen headlights to OEM Bi-xenons, would these ballasts work with them? BRAND NEW HELLA GEN 4 OEM HID XENON HEADLAMP D2S/D2R BALLAST 5DV008 290-0 - HIDS DIRECT LTD Store Cheers
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    Calliper Paint options

    Hey guys, I've got a Phantom black S-line Special Edition with the multi-spoke RS4 style wheels. I'm getting my wheels refurbed within the next couple of weeks and the guys have offered to powder coat my callipers whilst I'm having the wheels done. At the moment the wheels are the standard Audi...
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    B7 A4, brake pads

    Hi, could you provide prices on a set of brake pads for a 2007 A4,2.0tdi S-line Special edition please? Cheers in advance
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    Keys to remove Concert headunit in West Midlands/Brum?

    Hi guys, I'm purchasing an RNSE unit later today but would like to fit it tonight or over the weekend. Does anybody in this area have any keys I can borrow over the weekend to get going? Willing to buy a set off ebay if need be but would like to get it out the way this weekend if possible...
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    Complete jackass kicked my wing mirror off, need some help

    To cut a long story short, I had an idiot driver nearly kill himself today by overtaking me on a bend and nearly drove into an oncoming car. He decided to blame his lack of common sense on me and blocked the road in front of me. I'm not looking for a fight for no reason so as I'm navigating...
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    8p0 035 192 h. Will this work with Audi B7? Quick response needed..

    As above really. Looking to seal a deal ASAP lol Thanks guys
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    2.0tdi 170 Exhaust tips - downturned to straight?

    I'm interested in replacing the down turned exhaust pipes (currently single exit on each side of the car) to straight exhaust exits to make the rear look more like the 2.0T petrol rear. I've done a few searches and can't see if anybody has done this before. Does any body have any experience in...
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    Looking for a sidelight fitting guide?

    I have halogen lights and want to replace the sidelights with some LEDs. I've ordered a pair that were recommended in this thread in the last post. I'm having no luck in finding a guide for the actual procedure. Could anybody give me a hand please? Thanks in advance
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    RS4 RARB and Grill

    Hi, Could you provide me with a quote for the following parts please? 8E0 511 409 AL - Stabilizer 8E0 511 327 A - bushes x2 8E0 511 439 - clips x2 I'm also looking for a black RS4 grill, though I'm not sure on the part number of that. Thanks in advance
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    Pearlescent phantom black respray in Birmingham?

    Hi guys, i'm looking to have my front bumper resprayed in/around a Birmingham. Can anybody recommend a good quality place at a good price?
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    2.0tdi 170 Remap In/Around Birmingham?

    Hi guys, I'm interested in getting the above engine remapped as the general concensus seems to be it's the way to go. Could anybody recommend a company/a guy in or around Birmingham that I should talk to? Thanks in advance, K
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    New A4 2.0 Tdi 170 Special Edition owner

    Hi all, Having not had an Audi in a few years whilst I finished studying I'm back on the Audi bandwagon with the car mentioned above I've had some good history with Audis in the household with my father being a big fan, so growing up with original Audi quattros, coupes and an S2 I've come full...