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  1. Dan_anthony

    Can't get on my profile??? Admin?

    i cant seem to get on my profile it's showing notifications but once I click on it it just refreshes back to the home page?
  2. Dan_anthony

    Shortened plates??

    Thinking of getting my plates shortened but my personalised plate has 7 characters would it be ok to get the back one normal size and the front one shortened? As with 7 characters it's illegal as they have to shrink the numbers and letters don't they? Thanks in advance
  3. Dan_anthony

    My Audi A3 sportback

    Thought it was the right time to start a little build thread this is my daily runner so things whont happen as fast as I'd like!! This is my first Audi and I have to say I love it the drive is superb compared to my previous car. So far I've only done a few little cosmetics nothing major but...
  4. Dan_anthony

    Led number plate

    Hi what do you guys use? Just wanted to no if these looked legit? If not do you recommend any other? Thank you
  5. Dan_anthony

    Pressed/gelled plates are they legal?

    recently bought myself some private plates and seen a few cars with the pressed/gelled plates which had also been shortened and wondered is this legal because I quite like them?
  6. Dan_anthony

    These genuine

    These genuine? They are size 18 rotas what they worth? They have been sprayed in gunmetal grey!
  7. Dan_anthony

    Wheel ideas!

    I'd like some Input off you guys on what wheels to go for for my a3 id like something subtle and was looking at the rs4 alloys but then I looked at the rota alloys? Are there any more alloys you'd recommend?
  8. Dan_anthony

    Private number plates yey or nay?

    What your thoughts are they worth the money or not?
  9. Dan_anthony


    Hi I'm just wondering if these would fit my a3 the fitment is 5x112 19inch so I'm guessing they will just might need to change the tyres? As someone mentioned they could be to big?
  10. Dan_anthony

    Primo registrations

    Hi has anyone bought a personalised plate from these before?
  11. Dan_anthony

    My Audi A3 sportback!

    Hi, well I picked up my a3 roughly 4 weeks ago, and I love it to say the least. I'm no mechanic so every little thing I do to my car I read up on and do my self! Well after 4 weeks I decided I needed to do something and looking into what I wanted to do I bought some wind deflectors which I...
  12. Dan_anthony

    How do you tell if these are genuine?

    hi all been offered some alloys and would like to no if they are genuine or how to tell if they are as I now a few go about that aren't?
  13. Dan_anthony

    Stereo head unit

    what's the best head unit with sat nav you would suggest fitting to your Audi? Thanks in advance
  14. Dan_anthony

    Advice please ASAP

    The company I bought the car off is buying a new grille for my Audi as when I bought it the car grille had a crack in it they have sent a pic of a grille but I think it's the wrong one mines a 61 plate here is a pic of it with the original grille not great pic And his is the grille they sent!!
  15. Dan_anthony

    Apex 30mm lowering springs

    Hi do any of you have these fitted to your car are they good quality? Or would you sway towards paying more for h&r etc? And will I see any difference in ride height on my a3 sportback? I'm not wanting to drop it a lot just cover the gap between tyre and arch slightly? Thank you
  16. Dan_anthony

    Reputation threads

    hi I just thought I'd put an idea across please delete if it's not aloud! Or if there is such thing and I've missed it feel free to delete Im a member of a few forums due to having so many different cars in the past and come across one that had reputation threads were each member that is...
  17. Dan_anthony

    What you think?

    hi does my a3 look to high? People have said from this pic that it looks to high? What's your thought please?
  18. Dan_anthony

    Advice please

    When I bought my car the grille had a crack so the company I bought the car off said they would order me a new one! My original grille was gloss black the one they fitted today is grey and it looks like they have cut the gloss strip off and fitted it to the grey one I've kicked off and they are...
  19. Dan_anthony

    Detailer in North East??

    hi is there anyone you no of or would recommend to do detailing in your car in the north east? I'm needing my car done and with moving and working away it's hard to do t my self? Thanks in advance
  20. Dan_anthony stickers!

    Hi do a lot of you have these on your cars? If so post them please!!