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  1. Erikn89nl

    A3 Facelift conversion - wiring question

    Hi all. I'm looking to do a facelift + wideband conversion on my A3. I already have a wideband ECU + associated engine loom. To make my life easier, I was contemplating buying a cheap facelift A3, and transferring over the dash side of things: cluster, AC controls, wiring, etc... Question...
  2. Erikn89nl

    Wanted: Instrument Panel Pinout

    Hi all, Does anyone have access to the pinout for the 3 connectors on the back of a pre-facelift AGU instrument cluster? (p/n 8L0919880EX) Hope someone can help.
  3. Erikn89nl

    Cluster Swap immo 2 to immo 3

    I am looking to perform a wideband conversion on my AGU A3. I could have the immob defeated on the ECU and be done with it, but I was wondering if it was possible to fit a facelift cluster instead... Anyone done this before?
  4. Erikn89nl

    A3 Cutting out after starting

    Hi guys, bit of a situation here... My A3 (AGU) won't keep running. It fires up fine, then dies after half a second. No immobilizer light, and it'll rev to 3k with the pedal down, before dying... VCDS won't talk to the ecu, not even main dealership could get in there... Has worked fine in the...
  5. Erikn89nl

    Lower temp thermostat

    Hi guys. I've recently noticed that my thermostat is sticking, so it needs replacing. Later this year, I will be fitting a K04-064 + supporting mods to my car. Should I refit a normal stat (opening temp 87C) or look for a colder one?
  6. Erikn89nl

    Speakers not working, head unit + sub are fine...

    Hi all... as above, all 4 speakers have stopped working on my A3 8L, while the head unit and amplified sub still work. Radio fuse on the car is fine, fuse on the back of the head unit is fine. Then I thought the internal amp of the head unit must be fried, so bought another head unit, but that...
  7. Erikn89nl

    RPM dipping below idle when disengaging clutch

    As above, my FWD A3 (AGU engine) is having an annoying issue: when I disengage the clutch, revs drop steadily, then dip below idle to about 5-600rpm, causing the engine to run rough for a split second, before bouncing back up to idle, dipping to around 700, and then back up to idle, where it...
  8. Erikn89nl

    Replacement for plastic PCV elbow

    Hi all, the plastic PCV elbow has split on my A3. I seem to recall seeing a metal replacement part, but now I can't find it anywhere. Any help would be much appreciated :)
  9. Erikn89nl

    Looking for broken suspension

    Hi all! I'm looking for some broken or worn springs and shocks (or even coilovers) to get an S3 shell rolling again, so it can be transported before breaking. Does anyone have anything lying around they'd be willing to part with for minimal cost? I'd also be open to borrowing parts, and...
  10. Erikn89nl

    Low mpg and butt-dyno power loss at low fuel

    A few months ago I first started noticing my A3 had trouble starting sometimes. It would need to crank a few turns before firing up. Initially I thought it was a tired fuel pump, so I bought a Sytec replacement/upgrade from B5. Since fitting that, the problem sort of comes and goes. Recently, I...
  11. Erikn89nl

    Going to America

    I'm going to America next week for work, and am wondering if I can save some import charges by having parts delivered to my hotel. Is there anything that's much cheaper to get there, compared to Europe?
  12. Erikn89nl

    Difficulties starting

    Have had this issue for a while, where starting takes a few seconds of cranking before firing up. It's been getting progressively worse, happens for any volume in tank, but has only recently been getting worse with low fuel. I'm thinking fuel pressure related. I've recently fitted an uprated...
  13. Erikn89nl

    AGU - aftermarket gauges

    Hi all, I am designing a gauge pod to fit on top of the dash in my A3. I was thinking of fitting two round gauges and a liquidgauge in it, like so: / O [__] O \ or maybe four gauges, like this: / O O [__] O O \ I think the second might be overkill... I started this...
  14. Erikn89nl

    urgent help needed!

    Hi guys, I am working on replacing the fuel filter on my A3, but I cannot for the life of me get the rear clip back onto the new filter. Any tips or tricks?
  15. Erikn89nl

    Upgrading FWD A3 Suspension

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice about upgrading the suspension on my left-hand, front-wheel drive A3. I have decided on the coilovers I want, but I want to get the rest of the components up to a higher standard, where needed. I have seen mention of using components from a K04 car, like...
  16. Erikn89nl

    AGU charcoal canister delete

    As my car is now approaching 17 years of age, I am looking to remove/replace as many of the old rubber hoses as I can. Starting by replacing the vacuum hoses by silicone ones. When looking into doing this for the charcoal canister, I stumbled upon some threads saying people had deleted the...
  17. Erikn89nl

    Rattling sound

    Is this rattling sound normal? Or is it the camchain tensioner failing?
  18. Erikn89nl


    Guess I forgot to do a post in here... Have owned a 1998 Ming Blue A3 1.8T for about 6 months now, previous car was a Ford Ka. I did a more in-depth introduction here: Didn't really get any responses...
  19. Erikn89nl

    1998 AGU A3 FWD warm start issues

    My 98 A3 AGU sometimes doesnt want to start with a warm engine. When the engine is cold, it takes a second or two to pick up, but when the engine is warm after being driven for a while, if I then park it for 10 minutes and try to start, the starter will turn but the engine won't run, sometimes...
  20. Erikn89nl

    Roadcar A3 build from the Netherlands

    Hi all. After reading through these forums for a while, I've finally worked up the courage to start my own thread here, and ask for help. I have a ming blue 98 A3, 1.8t AGU, lefthand drive, which has done 140k miles (226k km's). When I bought it, it already had lowering springs fitted, as well...