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  1. sparrow

    For Sale S3 front wings and bumper

    I have a pair of S3 front wings and bumper for sale. Not mint, but perfectly serviceable. More pictures available. I paid £150 for them, so just after my money back. Collection only for obvious reasons. :sm4:
  2. sparrow

    A3/S3 wing differences

    Hi all I bought a pair of S3 8L wings a while back, but when trying to fit them, the A pillar fitment is different. A3 blue, S3 silver. Are the A3 and S3 that different, or are the S3 wings from a different model? Thanks
  3. sparrow

    8L 2 door cage

    Does anyone know of a cage kit for an A3/S3 2 door car? It needs to be a kit as it would need shipping to Europe. Ideally weld in, although bolt in could be modified. It's going in a rather powerful drag car, so the more mounting points the better. I've had a look around but haven't found...
  4. sparrow

    02Q 4WD driveshafts

    Hi all On fitting an 02Q 4WD gearbox to my 8L A3 quattro, we've found the 02Q transfer case is different to the 02M transfer box, and the OSF drive shaft is too long. Does anyone know if there is a standard VAG drive shaft that is roughly 40mm shorter than the 02M version? Thanks
  5. sparrow

    My A3 Quattro

    I needed a car that can be a development mule for our ECUs. I had planned to use my Mk2 Golf, but that would require a lot of non-standard items for things like electronic pedal control, traction control, launch control and turbo anti lag. I also want to race the car, but the Golf has a...
  6. sparrow


    Hi all I have an 08 plate C6, and recently discovered the wonders of Spotify in the house. I'd like to transfer some of that goodness to the car, and was wondering if that's possible. I currently have an old iPod connected to the AMI (MMI 2G High I tink) using the Audi cable. This works really...