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  1. C6 DRN

    64 Plate 8v S3 - Sat Nav not enabled

    Hi All, I have been searching for an answer but couldnt seem to find one - I have just purchased a 64 plate 8v s3 and it hasnt had sat nav enabled yet.. Audi want £500 for it. Is this my only option? Thanks in advance! Darren
  2. C6 DRN

    Returning member, seen sense and bought another

    Hello! Im Darren, 23 from Aberdeenshire. I had an 8p s3 then made a mistake and bought a merc.. now ive bought a 8v s3 :) chuffed! my old 8p my new 8v :):)
  3. C6 DRN

    C6 DRN - S3 DSG

    Not been on in a while so thought id update you on how my car currently stands :) hopefully getting some new wheels soon so will keep you updated!
  4. C6 DRN

    KW Coilovers on a S3

    Hello,I have ordred KW varient 2's for my S3 but unfortunately there has been a problem at KW HQ so they are taking longer than they should of resulting in me missing my app at the garage to get them fitted in time for SCS..Question i have is would i be able to fit them myself? I have slight...
  5. C6 DRN

    Crail 22.6.14

    Here is some pictures i took at crail yesterday of mine and a few mates cars. First time I've been down and thought it was ace :)
  6. C6 DRN

    Kw Coilovers

    Looking to get variant 2's for my 2011 s3... does anyone have these already? thoughts? also where did you get them? they seem to totally vary in price in different places... cheers
  7. C6 DRN

    Adding a stamp to a picture.

    Hello! just recently bought my first half decent camera. This has resulted in mates asking me to take some pictures of their cars and that. So I'm wondering how people go about adding "Darren Inglis Photography" to the pictures? is it all done manually ? or is there a quick way of doing it...
  8. C6 DRN

    Black S3 + Wax =

    After talking to Mark at the crieff meet i decided t buy some dark angel wax from him and i am glad i did.
  9. C6 DRN

    I swear I cleaned it...

    Ok so here is a picture to prove that I actually cleaned my car in prep for Crieff.. As no doubt by time I get down it will be covered in dubs haha.
  10. C6 DRN

    Audi S3, Golf R, Focus RS

    Thought i would share some pictures from our drive across the north east from ellon eventually ending up in stonehaven for a chipper & some ice cream (as you do)..
  11. C6 DRN

    8P S3 with mud flaps?

    Just wondering if anyone has mud flaps on their 8p s3? if so any pictures? i understand mud flaps arent liked by all but just want to see what they look like :) cheers
  12. C6 DRN

    Audi Concert II

    Just noticed I still have my standard Concert II from my old TDI.. Was wondering if it is worth anything? Cheers
  13. C6 DRN

    2.0TDi to S3

    Picked up my S3 in phantom black from Aberdeen Audi on Wednesday and I love it! its a 61 plate and has 4,500 miles and lots of extras! will post pictures later.
  14. C6 DRN

    Diesel cap?

    Bit of a strange request.. But does this bit that has snapped come separately or a price for a full new one please as Its annoying! Haha
  15. C6 DRN

    What would you do?

    I have the week off and £250 to spend on my car from mum and dad for my birthday.... what would you do? in aberdeen area.. my car so far..
  16. C6 DRN

    "The One"

    Anyone into boxing? going to be watching this on boxnation? whats your thoughts/predictions?
  17. C6 DRN

    iMac - Cool Stuff?

    Just bought an iMac today, so impressed! Anyone have any tips? tricks? or any apps you recommend? cheers!
  18. C6 DRN

    Aberdeen tonight

    Anyone going to be out driving tonight? thinking of heading out and fancy meeting some of you from on here... cheers
  19. C6 DRN

    Porsche Wheels?

    How do you's think these will look on a black a3 5dr lowered 50mm? im thinking about it....
  20. C6 DRN

    Wind deflector help ??

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I am trying to find team heko wind deflectors for my a3 5dr 8p1 2007 ... but cant seem to find that fit the 8p1.. can someone please link me to or have any for sale? thanks in advance Darren