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  1. Shane-Ireland

    An oil thread (bare with me)

    So the definitive (ultimate) oil thread isn't very definitive at all. I am due an oil change stage 1 2008 S3 and reading mixed reports online about people switching to 5w40, some have even said there car was burning less oil using this. I am burning about 1L every 5k so far from dire straits...
  2. Shane-Ireland

    Bi xenon tourist lever ?

    Do the 8P2 bi xenon lights have a tourist lever? Anyone got any info or a pic of the location ?
  3. Shane-Ireland

    Bi xenon part number help.

    So been having issues with my drivers side Bi xenon light (2008 S3) I bought a replacement unit on ebay part number 8PO 941 004 AB It turns out the part number of the one currently in the car is 8PO 941 030 AB I'm going to fear the worst and assume the one i've purchased as a replacement...
  4. Shane-Ireland

    After run pump ? yes/no

    Simple question does the 8P S3 have an after run pump?
  5. Shane-Ireland

    My 2008 Ibis white S3

    So somehow i ended up buying an S3, the car came up for sale a few weeks ago and it appeared to be too good to not go and at least view it. It's an Original Irish car with just under 61k on the clock, it was spec'd with heated Recaros, flat bottom steering wheel and darker colour wheels, Bi...
  6. Shane-Ireland

    Main beam problem Bi xenons

    Hi 2008 (pre face lift) S3 with Bi xenons, my drivers side main beam won't stay on, if i turn on main beams it goes out after a couple of seconds and i get a bulb out warning on the DIS. Is this a knackered bulb ? I presumed it was the same bulb on bi-xenons so was wondering how it was working...
  7. Shane-Ireland

    Apple play Headhunt in S3

    Hi guys recently picked up an 8P S3, it has had the RNS replaced with a dynavin N6 (Not feeling it to be honest) It's clunky and i am having trouble updating the firmware to see if that would improve matters. Rather than go back to an RNS i was looking at apple play Head units,anyone got any...
  8. Shane-Ireland

    Anyone based in Southampton/Portsmouth area - help needed

    Hi guys - unusual one. Looking at buying a B5 in Fareham and looking for someone to view the car for me to give it the quick once over, it's a low cost car so i can't justify the price of an AA engineers report and i don't want to book a flight over to Southampton and waste a journey either...
  9. Shane-Ireland

    A new mix i just uploaded...

    Hey All just uploaded this to soundcloud,have a listen and 'love heart' it if you are feeling it :) Thanks Shane
  10. Shane-Ireland

    new wheels BBS CK's

    Picked these up last week 18x8J Genuine BBS Ck\s in an anthracite finish,stuck some new goodyear F1 asymmetrics on them.I'm delighted with them the compliment the carbon bits nicely
  11. Shane-Ireland

    My DIY door blade/rear bumper insert carbon fiber wrap.

    So last week tried my hand a DIY carbon fibre wrapping the door blades and rear bumper insert. The door blades are easy to take off (good to clean in behind them anyway) and to do the rear bumper insert i had to remove the bumper and unclip the insert. The process was to wrap them with some...
  12. Shane-Ireland

    What holds the black insert in the rear bumper on?

    How easy is it to remove the black insert in the rear bumper? is it a bumper off job? Just covered my door blades in carbon fibre and want to try the same with rear insert. Any help,pics or advice appreciated.
  13. Shane-Ireland

    Anyone know what size screws hold on the engine covers?

    Was at inters and seen an S3 in the show and shine area with some tasty flat head aluminium screws holding down the engine covers and decided i want a piece of that :) Anyone the screw size?
  14. Shane-Ireland

    After market headunit/non bose system - will PC9-408 do for me?

    So looks like i might be getting a second had sub to replace the dud one in my non bose S3,i have an after market head unit in it with no connection for sub/rear speakers (i'll have to re fit standard one to test the replacement sub i know) My question is what connection to i need to power the...
  15. Shane-Ireland

    Will this subwoofer from an 8L A3 fit my S3

    Guy local to me is selling this sub from an A3 will it fit my S3? Only have one pic to work from hopefully it's enough for someone in the know to be able to help me..
  16. Shane-Ireland

    Shanes S3

    Well lads picked this up a week or so ago,it's the first 4 pot car i've owned in quite some time,previous 2 cars were a V6 TDI A4 avant and a supercharged V6 bora,so it's good to be back in a reasonably fast petrol car (roll on remap lol) Car is a November 2000 AMK so first of the face...
  17. Shane-Ireland

    S3 rear speaker/amp problem.

    Howdy all - just purchased a 2000 AMK S3 - happy with it, extraordinarily clean example. How ever the rear speakers and sub (non bose system) are not working,all googling tells me this is a problem caused by the amp inside the sub housing failing,can anyone shed any more light on this ? Is it...
  18. Shane-Ireland

    Fitting 8L S3 steering wheel to a B6

    Well guys as above,anyone here done this or know how easy it is? I presume the airbag connector might be different,how about the horn? Thanks Shane.
  19. Shane-Ireland

    Iphone4 to RNSe

    Guys looking for a way to connect my iPhone 4 to my RNS e anyone have any experience of interfaces they have bought? Came across this...
  20. Shane-Ireland

    LED parking lights flashing

    I recently bought these AUDI A4 99-09+ 194 CANBUS PARKING LIGHTS on eBay (end time 27-Nov-10 16:14:48 GMT) after seeing them here,when i turn on my parking/side lights the work perfectly but after a few minutes the start to flash in sequence like a cop car.Anyone know why this is?