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    Rolling road day Regal tuning York Sat 2nd Sept

    Hi Guys/girls I'm running a rolling road day on 2nd sept at Regal tuning in York and need five more cars, find a link to Briskoda below, £20 deposit to secure spot which is refundable on the day, I'm running my Audi a1 myself so be good to have some more Audi's, please pm or reply to thread...
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    RWYB at the pod?

    a 16.2 @ 88 MPH was my best not great i know but i dont think it will go much better then it did, untill i get it remapped
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    RWYB at the pod?

    just went down there for the first one of the year, a very enjoyable day out, should be a bit warmer aswell
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    Just been to santa pod

    Ive just been to santa pod for the first run of the year, its the first time ive been and what an experience, albeit a bit disorganised and the flaming fog this morning didnt help, ive got a a3 with just CAI and zorst and my best time was 16.2 @ 88MPH, is that any good, i thought it werent bad...
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    Wanted: Pictures of Dolphin grey A3/S3's

    hope this link works
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    Wanted: Pictures of Dolphin grey A3/S3's

    mines dolphin grey a beautiful colour, someone hosted some pics for me a little while back and put them on here they should be floating about somewhere
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    1/4 mile racing any hints

    Hi there, im taking my car to santa pod on sunday to do a few runs up the quarter mile, anyone got any hints for me to get good times i.e good launching, anyone know what times i should be expecting from a fairly standard 150bhp a3 1.8t sport, id appreciate any help as ive never done this sort...
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    N75 J or N75 H?

    Just put the H on Mine can't believe the difference for £40 probably the best thing ive brought
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    at work we always use an air drill with a caramel wheel on the end of it comes off a treat
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    Aftermarket clock faces. Fitting...

    do you mean like the lockwood dials sort of thing, as my a3 came standard with white dials
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    Turbo pressure loss ?

    just to the left of your airbox actually connects to it, will be a cylindrical device with a multiplug attached facing away from you as you look at it, quite easy to simply pop off, then see what it drives like.
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    Turbo pressure loss ?

    Could be air mass meter, can get these symptoms, try disconnecting it then taking it for a drive
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    Lowering an a3 1.8t sport

    my cars just coming up to 40k, seen some lowering kits on ebay for £200 with dampers aswell, might be worth a go
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    Carbonio CAI

    i found one on forge motorsports website Its called Kona High Velocity induction kit, doesnt look too bad slightly cheaper then the carbonio, anyone had any experience of these
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    Carbonio CAI

    Am seriously considering getting a carbonio CAI for my car, its a 1.8t a3 i have heard nothing but good things about them and they are alot cheaper then the new k&N CAI equivelant, anyone got any thoughts, or can you tell me what air induction system you are using at the moment, anyone...
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    Programming Keys

    how are you trying to code them, via a key in ignition and one in the door?
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    Any S3 owners got rear aero wiper?

    i meant shouldn't hit the rear spoiler
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    Lexus lights

    yeah thats my car, ok i was just throwing round ideas, i dont want to turn my car into a chavved up fiesta anyway
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    Lexus lights

    ive never liked them ones i was thinking bout the black ones
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    Any S3 owners got rear aero wiper?

    ive got one on mine the polo one it was, as i work for vw, i think it was under a tenna with discount, thats blade and arm and new cap, should hit the spoiler as its slightly smaller then the original