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  1. DasAutos

    Audi A6 2009 MMI 3G - Aftermarket Sub(Active)

    I have some questions regarding aftermarket subwoofer install in my A6 2009 MMI 3G. The active sub is a Alpine SWE-815 with RCA and Highpass/speaker input. Now I've understood that I have two options. 1: Connect the Left/Right speakers and...
  2. DasAutos

    Clutch & DMF(Flywheel) from EBAY.CO.UK?

    Hi guys, My clutch is doing it's last kilometers. I'm looking for other options than the local auto store here in my town. Here the flywheel alone cost about 1000€ and clutch kit about 500€, LUK parts. I found a UK store online Looks like it's less than half the...
  3. DasAutos

    Help needed to diagnose a "clunking noise"

    Hi fellas, I have owned a A6 C6 since 2009 and have been happy with the car, love the car and have no plans to sell it. The car has now been driven 120 800 km and with quite few problems. Since last week I have noticed a clunking noise when clutching at 1500 rpm in first gear. This only happens...
  4. DasAutos

    A6 2.0 TFSI Questions

    Hi guys, I'm driving a A6 2009 2.0TFSI. Since 2 years ago I have noticed that I get a rattle when starting the car, it is very briefly aprox 1 second. One thing I have noticed is that it never rattles when the temperature is below 5-6 celcius. Video clip...
  5. DasAutos

    Hi from South Sweden

    Hi from Sweden. Currently driving an Audi A6 2.0 TFSI 2009. Aprox 120 000 KM without any problems, allthough some questions.