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    Avant Load Guard

    Does the load guard provide any sort stiffness or bracing function? Just wondering as it weighs 4.2kg. Can't be doing my 2.0 TFSI Quattro fuel consumption any good!
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    Detailing Complete but ran out of daylight.

    I detailed my car today it took all day...! Its the first time been done and is 6 years old so you can imagine what it was like. I managed to get one coat of polish on before calling it a day. I like to put two coats of wax on but previously managed to do aall in one day. My question is...
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    Hi, can anyone recommend a good detailer in the Glasgow Area? Tks
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    S4 TDI vs Proper Petrol

    Was going title S4 TDI vs Competitors but doesn't really apply now...
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    Have you heard the S4/S5 rumour...

    I was in Audi dealership the other day querying about new S4 and the salesman said the rumour was that they were going to be diesel. S5 and SQ5 would also change to diesel.
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    New facelifted A4... B9.5 - B10

    The current A4 which I understand is the B9.5 as shown on website as follows On this basis does that mean that the link to the following is B10 arriving 2019 about a year after B9.5...
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    Seat Cloth Upholstery Cleaner

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good cleaner for cloth seats in my S line black edition? They are half leather but the cloth areas seam to catch the dirt. Tks,
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    New facelifted A4

    One of the motoring websites has spotted (with pictures) facelifted A4 on road and is saying will arrive before end of year.
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    Storage Pack - nets on back of front seats

    The nets on the back of front seats when specified as part of storage pack can the nets be removed?
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    S4 Black Edition

    Any news of if/when S4 Black Edition might join the line up?
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    B&O Sound

    B&O 3D Sound System appears to now only come as part of Comfort and Sound pack when configuring S4.
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    New model naming structure

    Announced today all new Models will be designated and badged representing a particular output range as follows. 25 – 80kW (107bhp) and below 30 – 81-96kW (109-129bhp) 35 – 110-120kW (148-161bhp) 40 – 125-150kW (168-201bhp) 45 – 169-185kW (227-248bhp) 50 – 210-230kW (282-308bhp) 55 – 245-275kW...
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    S4 calipers

    What are the standard calipers on S4? Are they black with S on them? Tks
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    B8 to B9 2.0TFSI Quattro

    Anyone went from B8 to B9 2.0 TFSI Quattro? How are you finding it?
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    Transfer Box

    Anyone had any issues with transfer box on B8.5 Quattro? Car is 2014 just approaching 3 year old 17,000 miles. Brought to attention by independent garage slight oil leak, no evidence of dripping onto ground, funny noises or smoke. Booked into Audi before warranty expires. As far as I understand...
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    When will MY18 be available for order? Any indications of changes for S4?
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    £800 First year S4 car tax fast approaching...

    From 1 April first registration will cost you £800 and then £450 each year for the next 5 years. Anyone had any offers from dealer to compensate for example discount off car or more for your trade in?
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    Rear leg room / Storage Pack

    The rear legroom in the B9 has increased in size from the B8.5 as far as I can see. Can anyone tell me if you specify the Storage Pack does the net on the back of the front seat backrests compromise rear legroom or can the nets be easily removed? Like the idea of cup holders in armrest but...
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    S4 - Tiptronic

    The B9 S4 has dropped the 7 speed s tronic dual clutch in favour of the 8 speed tiptronic reasons being lighter and handles better torque loads. The tiptronic gear changes are also slower. However Audi R8 V10 with 533bhp still uses the 7 speed s tronic. The s tronic B8.5 S4 gear-lever...
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    Audi configurator now available for S4

    Just been on the site and you can now configure both S4 saloon and avant models.