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    rns-e in b6 a4 pins for can bus

    Hi all I've fitted an Rns-e unit in my b6 a4 avant and it works great, I even got a tv tuner adapter module so that I can use an external av source (in this case a dvd player thats now resides on the glove box) however the unit was originally taken from an a3 and as such will have its audio...
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    VCDS in Edinburgh/Mid-Lothian area

    had the typical transistor failure in the vp44 pump on my b6 a4 2.5tdi, had it repaired but it sounds like the static timing has been thrown off when the pump died doing 70, because its the v6, vcds lite cannot be used to check that static timing using the timing graph function so I'm hoping...
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    rear wishbone bushes

    Hi all Im wondering if anyone has a source for a rear wishbone bush, the car is a b6 a4 avant 2.5 tdi quattro, the bush is the outer bush in the rear wishbone not the one that is pressed into the hub carrier, if memmory serves there is a bolt that goes through the tie arm, through the hub...
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    no fuel at injectors, help!!!

    Hi All This is my fist post on this forum and I hope someone can help me out I have a 1999 a4b5 avant with the 110bhp afn engine, Its always been a great engine, starting first turn of the key and after changing the timing belt it was exactly the same, I had a small oil leak which I traced to...