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  1. jminns

    Sportback Mirror Dip in 2019 RS3

    Hi guys, A friend of mine just picked up 2019 (69) reg RS3 Sportback and we got chatting about how I'd made some tweaks to my A5 with Carista OBD. I went to have a look at the new car yesterday and plugged it in to see what the options were, switched on the settings in Carista but after...
  2. jminns

    De-Chroming the A5!

    Had my B9 A5 coupe just over 6 months now and clocked up 10k. Been thinking about some subtle mods to do. Already done the Audi Ring Puddle Lights I was never a fan of the chrome trims on my old B8 A4 Avant and said I didn't really want them again but was one of the compromises when this spec...
  3. jminns

    Premium Diesel vs Regular Diesel

    Hi, After owning a diesel Avant for around 2 months... I was just wondering who uses premium grade diesel in their B8s. Was speaking to a guy with a A5 the other day who swears by the stuff. Having come from a run of petrol cars and using supermarket fuel all the time in these... Is premium...
  4. jminns

    A4 Avant Rear Wiper Issue

    Hello, Recently bought a '10 Audi A4 Avant S-Line and having a bit of trouble with the rear washer. When I first picked it up (10days ago) the washer was not working at all. Found the following guide online to clean out the nozzle from crud that often builds up...
  5. jminns


    Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Been having a look around in the B8 A4 section over the last couple of weeks. Just picked up my 2010 Audi A4 Avant 2.0 S-Line in Lava Grey on Saturday. Cheers Jonathan