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  1. RickyB

    17 plate vehicle's UK

    Hello all, my new s3 is at dealer now but im holding out a month now to get the new 17 plate. Is the first day i can have it the 1st march? Someone mentioned about you can get them two weeks before the 1st march. Anyone have any experience or information. Thanks
  2. RickyB

    Right hand wheel grabbing

    As im driving around this is the second time it's happened, I was just driving along and the right hand front wheel grabbs and the esp lights up and stays on. Then the car looses all esp, these are the codes i read is there any help you can give from what I've found it points to abs sensor or...
  3. RickyB

    My New S3 (new Member)

    Hi there i am new to the site recently signed up when i started to look for mine, to get ideas and all of you seem to be very help full and give some great information. About my car S3 8L 1.8t AMK Kingfisher blue With the standard alloys What ive done so far Rear window tinted LED...