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  1. ApolloS3

    S3 revving on its own when idle, and high pitch whistle when driving

    As in the title, my S3 suddenly started making one hell of a whistle noise when driving this morning, down the motorway, its so loud i can hear it from inside. when its at ~1000-3000 revs its most frequent. When i get to my destination, and put it into neutral (or just depress the clutch), it...
  2. ApolloS3

    S3 09 Faceift with LED DRL's switched on in the off position via VCDS?

    Hi guys, I have auto lights on my S3, im just wondering as a few people on here have mentioned it can be done, does anyone know where in VCDS you can enable DRL's to be on in the off position? My mother has an A1, her drl's are on constant at full brightness when the lights are at the off...
  3. ApolloS3

    Door key cap

    Hey guys, I never open my car with the key, does anyone know if you can get a cap to put in the key socket?
  4. ApolloS3

    A3/S3 Glovebox Door

    Hey guys, The door on my glovebox has been getting worse and worse, and finally last night it snapped in one corner, the latch mechanism is also horrific, it requires a very hard slam to close, anyone else find this? Does anyone know if audi sell just the door part? id rather not buy a whole...
  5. ApolloS3

    Standard Silver or Black alloys on Ibis White S3 - With Pics and Poll

    Hey guys, i posted over in the A3/S3 8P forum about plasti-dipping my wheels but im after a general idea of what people think before i do, i know its my opinion that matters at the end of the day but id like a few from you guys... So heres my wheels currently: And heres my attempt at...
  6. ApolloS3

    Wheel Refurb - can anyone recommend a filler to use?

    Hey guys, As in the title, im going to attempt refurbishing some pretty nasty curbing on my alloys ready for plasti-dipping all around, just wondering if anyone can recommend a filler to use? Jordan
  7. ApolloS3

    New EBC pads + spring clips, black rotors and white calipers on S3 - Lots of pics

    Hey guys, Ok so the past couple of weeks ive been meaning to get round to painting my calipers and rotors as they looked awful, so i had a free week where i could work on them, although the weather was totally against me doing them, when there was a dry day i went out and cracked on with them...
  8. ApolloS3

    Audi S3 - Silver trim on xenon lights?

    Hi everyone, Just a quick question, anyone know why i have silver trim on my xenon lights like so: when others have black? Mine is a 58 plate, but ive also seen 2010 reg S3's with silver. Have i got a specific model or something? Jordan
  9. ApolloS3

    Daytime Running Lights Sensitivity

    Hi guys, Ive read a few posts around about this but havent really found anything of use. Basically when im driving around and its lightly cloudy but still broad daylight, my headlights come on if i have the switch set to Auto. I regularly pass A3's which have the DRL LED's on full brightness...
  10. ApolloS3

    Firefox addon to block youtube adverts

    Hey everyone, Was just on youtube, and literally every video had an advert on it, some of them 30 seconds each. So after some google searches i found this addon for firefox which lets you stop all adverts and it actually works to my amazement I hope im not the last person to realise you can...
  11. ApolloS3

    S3 Engine Oil

    Hi everyone, I went to Alton Towers with the girlfriend the other week, took the S3, and just after leaving wales the engine oil level warning light came on which was weird as i checked it not long before going. So we stopped in Tewksbury to get some at a layby services and couldnt find one...
  12. ApolloS3

    S3 caliper colour change

    Hi all, Im thinking about repainting my calipers, as the person who had the car before had painted them black. Wondering what colour you guys think would look good on an ibis white S3, at the moment im thinking of using some hammerite smooth red metal paint. Will post pics here when done...
  13. ApolloS3

    Quick question about S3 8P LED DRL's

    Hi everyone, Ok so when im driving round in the day, my LED DRL's dont seem to be as wide as they do in the night. During the day: At night (with ignition off, lights set to auto): My question is, when it starts getting dark and the headlights come on automatically, are the DRL's...
  14. ApolloS3

    Few issues on my S3 8P

    Hi everyone, I did have 3 problems but now one is fixed ( Had a bolt head snap on the number plate leaving the rest of the bolt still in the bumper with no easy way to get it out - lots of pulling and twisting did the trick in the end ). Anyway, so ive had the car for 3 weeks, and now i have a...
  15. ApolloS3

    Newbie S3 8P owner from Newport

    Hi everyone! Recently picked up a 58 plate Ibis white S3 8P which is in awesome condition. It has the black styling pack, privacy glass, RNS-E headunit, cd changer, bose sound system etc. Thought its about time to join the forums :) The car needed a serious clean and complete overhaul in the...