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  1. Solberg

    Blow by? just installed catch can.

    Just installed the IE catchcan kit vent to atmos, -10an x2 to catchcan with filter on top, one from oil adapter and one from rocker cover and removed all stock PCV piping and plugged the hole where the hockey puck was. Now my car is drinking oil and looks like there is pressure coming out the...
  2. Solberg

    Best rated stock fitment hybrid, and best way to set boost pressure?

    Thinking of changing my frankenturbo, any opinions on which turbo that fits on "stock" manifold and downpipe has the highest power output per today? I see some sell k04 hybrids or gt turbo with 1.8t flanges rated at 400hp, is this really gainable without uprated cams and meth? Tuning/mapping...
  3. Solberg

    ABS not kicking in

    Got 4 pot brembos on the front of my S3, when breaking hard the front wheels lock up, no vibrating in steering wheel or any sign of ABS kicking in. Scanned with VCDS and there is no faults in the ABS system there it says. Any ideas? ....MOT time...
  4. Solberg

    S3 boosting 1 bar/15psi on standstill revving

    Currently finishing off my S3 after a year in the garage. Not had the engine opened, but changed a lot of other parts. After starting the engine now, letting it warm up on idle (car is still on stands), and then revving the engine my boost gauge immidietly jumps up on boost, I got like 15 psi...
  5. Solberg

    Downpipe wrapping

    Is it a okay to wrap around the flexi pipe with exhaust bandage or do I stop like I've done in pic under? If I have to stop before flex there isnt much use in the bandage eeh? (Short) Sent fra min SM-G925F via Tapatalk
  6. Solberg

    Oil problem

    Anyone experienced this housing cracking before? Banjobolt might have gone angled in when thightening, anyways its cracked what is this part called and where can I get a new one? Looks like a seperate "block" part bolted to the main block. Looks like crack on left and top yeah? And not to...
  7. Solberg

    034 motorsport strut mount and bearing on KW V2

    Hola, cant find any on the web when it comes to this and changing on coilovers but alot on regular struts... Any guidance on how to change to the 034 motorsport strut mount and bearings on kw v2 or coilovers in particular? Do I need strut compressors? If so, the ones at the store looks a...
  8. Solberg


    What Hp gains can I see from converting to E100 fuel on a k04 hybrid with 350whp on pump gas?
  9. Solberg

    ATP drive shafts okay?

    Need to change the boots all 4 on my driveshafts, they looks rusty aswell, i pay around 40gbp for a single boot and a new driveshaft over here is like 300gbp. But then I saw this on ebay from atp...
  10. Solberg

    Antiroll bar and bushes

    I am changing all my bushes for the Powerflex black series. I am also changing out the OEM anti roll bars with the H&R ones, these I see these come...
  11. Solberg

    8L bigger turbo

    So, got a hybrid on insane boost but its just not giving me the kick, my cousing has a e30 b25 with 500hp and tha ****** tears the soul out of me. I need some opinions on turbo choice. Was first looking at these EFR turbos mainly because not having to do custom downpipe, all I care about now...
  12. Solberg


    Any experiences with zinram? or anyone know if he is dead or on holidays? Waited 6 weeks on my order which was supposed to take 3 weeks and he does not answer on email.
  13. Solberg

    Ecs magnetic drain plugs

    Changing gearbox and diff oils atm, and have bought these ecs plugs which dont have heads.... they seem sketchy, are they safe or will they come loose?? Sent fra min SM-G925F via Tapatalk
  14. Solberg

    Brake fluid flush

    I am about to flush my brake fluid soon and upon searching for the right amount on google I came across some forumthreads pointing out that there is important to flush the ABS something and it has to be done via Vagcom. Going trough the manual on around page 195...
  15. Solberg

    RPM Pause at high RPM / WOT.

    When WOT car is running fine till around 5000 rpm, then the rpm "pauses" and I can hear clicking/small bangs from the engine, I do NOT loose my boost pressure when this happens, but I loose engine power because the RPM just stalls, so I have to get off throttle. Have had this problem for some...
  16. Solberg

    Hybrid Sparkplug gap

    Buying new plugs NGK BKR7E what should they be gapped to for a hybrid S3 with around 300whp? Not just what but also WHY if anyone has the time to explain x-)
  17. Solberg

    S3 Oversteering

    Couple O questions here. Ive seen on pictures that S3s come with a upper front strut bar as from factory, is this true? I dont have a strut bar on mine.... When searching to buy one I cant seem to find anything else than the "oem" one, here from darkside...
  18. Solberg

    Brake failure

    Evening lads, So when I had the S3 out for some winter drifting something happen that never have occurred while Ive had the car, not even hard asphalt driving. 3-4 times on one evening the brakes failed, what happens is when say I come to a stop sideways on the redline and slam the brakes the...
  19. Solberg

    AJL top on S3

    Good evening, I got an AJL marked top on my APY S3 99mod, can anyone give me some input on this top? Any benefits or downsides on having this top? Cant say Ive seen anyone else have this top on S3? It was built with forged internals and franken f23 turbo setup. My car is crashed but if...
  20. Solberg

    Function of 2 items in enginebay

    Can somone explain the function of these 2 items circled in picture?