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    Could someone tell me what this splitter is off?

    Hi guys, I've got this genuine audi splitter for a coupe I've been told, been in the garage ages so after clearing some stuff, Thanks for any info, Ash
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    Big thanks to Audi A4 S line (nige)

    Bought the carbon rear ashtray off nige to replace my broken one and nige was kind enough to personally drop it off. Fits perfect and fixes something that's been broke since I bought the car over 2 years ago, so I'm now a happy chap as I've looked for one for an age
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    Xenon headlight advice

    I've decided I can no longer stand the sight of the standard halogen headlights with amber indicators so I'm after a pair of oem xenons. I've had a few pm 's with t8ups on here regarding his conversion etc but wondered if anyone had bought a pair of the xenon headlights you see on eBay? Most...
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    Which oil for A4 dtm?

    Which oil do you good people use to top your Dtms up? I've been informed it's got to be 0w30 fully synthetic but which has brand should I opt for? It would only be to top it up as it was fully serviced last September and will be serviced again come the end of this September but the level has...
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    Dtm and Milltek

    Has anyone got any info on fitting a Dtm with a miltek cat back? Was just wondering what with mine having problems tonight What sort of price am I looking at and Has anyone any info on where's best place to have them fitted? I'm in the notts area
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    A4 Dtm Help with my exhaust please

    As title, I own an A4 Dtm, on the way to work tonight under acceleration away from a roundabout the exhaust virtually decided to deafen me lol. I thought something drastic had happened but couldn't see much then I spotted what looks like a gap between the centre box and cats, quick pic below...
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    A4 B7 Dtm xenon headlight conversion

    I currently have a dtm with the standard headlights (non xenon) and horrible orange indicator lens. Now I've seen a pair of xenon headlights with clear indicator lens for sale on various sites and wondered if this would be a straight swap? Would the new lights need programming? Would they have...
  8. A do I remove the ashtray?

    as the title really, how do I remove the astray on my a4 b7 Dtm? It has some coins stuck in there which has lead to me not being able to fully open the lid, they seem to have got stuck in the recess where the lid opens into hence me wanting to remove it somehow lol Few pics here, this is as...
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    A4 dtm front disc replacement?

    Just wondered what you dtm owners have used? Have you gone with oem ones or is there a better alternative? Any idea on oem cost?
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    Has anyone got an S line steering wheel in there Dtm?

    As the title, I'm after fitting the S line multifunctional steering wheel into my a4 Dtm as mine hasn't got the stereo controls, if you have I wondered if you would kindly post up a pic so I can see how it fits with the interior, thanks in advance
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    Best headlight bulbs for my dtm

    Just had the drivers side fail tonight and wondered what you guys recommend, I have the none xenon headlights and to be honest wanted to change them anyway as I don't like the yellowish look of the standard ones. im after some nice clear white lights but without fitting a hid kit, so just...
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    Show me your lowered A4/A4 Dtm's

    As title, if you could be kind enough to post pictures of your A4 or preferably A4 Dtm's lowered on springs and tell me the drop you had I'd appreciate it. i have an A4 Dtm and can't decide if I want just a 30mm drop or the full 45mm, thanks in advance
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    Which lowering springs for dtm?

    Wanting to lower the dtm and after all the searches on here it seems the h&r's get a lot of mentions, could anyone point me in the right direction for which set I'd need? I've also noticed my rear seems to sit lower than the front on the standard springs at the minute, would it be the same once...
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    Will 255/35/19" rs4 or rs6 alloys fit my A4 Dtm

    As the title really, I'm after either a set of genuine rs4 19" alloys or rs6 19" fat five spoke alloys to fit my dtm, currently its fitted with the factory 18" multi spokes with 235/40 profile tyres.... I've tired searching but couldn't find a definate answer so just wondered if the wider 19"...
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    Help needed, Which alloys for my dtm

    Can't seem to gel with the Dtm's 18@ multi spokes so I'm in need of some help as to what to fit instead, I know its easy to find pics of any a4 with different alloys fitted but I'm interested in finding pics of what other members have fitted to there dtm's.... I don't mind 18's or 19's, and...
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    Would just like to say hello

    Just signed up and would like to say hello, my name is Ash and I own an A4 Dtm in silver, hoping to gain lots of tips and help from everyone and info on some mods I'm after anyway I've posted pics in the other section already if anyone wants a look :)