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  1. EssVier

    Traffic sign recognition- post 2022

    So, been reading a bit about this new ‘wonderful’ law coming in 2022. If I keep the S4, which so far I plan to do so, with it having a camera and assistance systems, will a dealer update limit the speed? One of the daftest laws I’ve seen passed in my42 years on the planet, it will do little to...
  2. EssVier

    S4 - 19's down to 18's?

    Morning all. Burst 2 x winter tyres in as many weeks, all thanks to some potholes. The 35 section tyres probably not helping here, either. Originally wanted the standard 18's for my order, then Audi removed these from the options. Question is, I want to go down to an 18" to get have more...
  3. EssVier

    Screenwash reservoir location?

    Evening all. A search in the forum and a look through the manual has shed no light on the location of the reservoir. Where the heck is it? Granted, this was the first time I have had the bonnet up....and it was dark!
  4. EssVier

    S4 panel filter

    Evening all. Anyone found a replacement panel filter? Aware it will not give big gains but has to be better than the stock offering. Have tried K&N, Green, Pipercross to no avail. Thanks in advance.
  5. EssVier

    Driving S4 to Belgium

    Morning all. 3 weeks in to the S4 and I love it! Just had it machine polished and a ceramic coat so will have to get some pics up! Driving to Belgium in a few weeks, and wondered if I need to adjust headlights etc, or does the car do it itself? Have searched the forum and the handbook to no...
  6. EssVier

    S4 saloon on order!

    Ok, so bit the bullet and signed up for a S4 on PCP. Gone a little mad on spec as I expect to eventually own it. Sports Diff was a must, most of my driving is Peak District B-roads so hoping for good things. Coming from a stage 2 8p S3, the power is similar on paper and delivered in a much...
  7. EssVier

    Sports Diff issues?

    Evening all. Has anyone been following the Pistonheads S4? Sports Diff issues and no confirmed response from Audi on service intervals etc. I am just about to place an order and do not want to be running into (expensive) issues down the line. Thanks
  8. EssVier

    Sports diff, worth it or not?

    Evening all. Ordering a new S4 and wondering if £1,200 is worth it for the sports diff? Used to have a B5 S4 in black, so this will be a homage to that magnificent beast. Thoughts welcome.
  9. EssVier

    Stage 2 at Awesome GTi - DONE!

    Finally got round to booking the motor into Awesome, taking advantage of their Black Friday deals and some time off work. Results - 351.5bhp and 338 lb/f. Have the graph saves as a PDF, need to upload it. Initial impressions, wow! Why have I been driving a stock one for the last 6 months...
  10. EssVier

    S3 Winter Edition

    Ok so I know this will not be to everyones taste, and was a brave move. 17" CH on some Uniroyal winters I had off my old A4. I do the Cat'n' Fiddle to work everyday, and those that have driven it will understand my madness. Wanted more tyre for the incoming snow, and wanted an excuse to get the...
  11. EssVier

    Spotted - N8?? Manchester Sat 24th

    Was that you in the Kowalski van yesterday? Was in a black S3 BE heading for Mcr city centre. Sorry to say the ASBO wagen has not been cleaned for 3 week, shocking state!
  12. EssVier

    S3 owner, back in the S-Club!

    Swapped my A4 this week for this, and pretty chuffed with it to say the least! Alot quicker than I expected as standard, and goes like a scalded cat! Had a B5 S4 in the past, and this feels as keen as upto speed, the in-gear in the S4 would have it I think. Plans are for a CAI & Miltek, and...
  13. EssVier

    DTUK tuning box fitting guide, for turkeys?

    As above guys, anyone got one? I have approx 40bhp and 60 lb/ft sat on my office desk, doing no good! I have the instructions the box came with, but for someone with no technical knowledge they may as well be in braille. Top service from Andrew at DTUK when buying the box, cannot fault them...
  14. EssVier

    Centrecaps & bolt covers for 19" Speedlines.

    Hi guys, recently bought some 19's and require some centrecaps and the bolt covers please. Also, the chrome exhaust covers. S-line springs Car is a B8 saloon 143CR CVT Many thanks. Matt
  15. EssVier

    Dimensions of 19" wheels that will fit?

    Hi all, i've searched through pages and pages and can't track one down for the B8. I am looking to change to 19" wheels in the near future and didn't realise what a minefield it is!! Getting the size as recommended is: 19 x 8.5 ET43. My question is, what other dimensions will go on the B8...
  16. EssVier

    Greetings, and like a bad penny, i'm back! (B8 q's)

    Hi all, i'm new to the B8 forum and not been on ASN for years regularly. I used to own a B5 S4, and had a few 8P A3's and a Leon Cupra thrown in for good measure. I've just got a TDi 143, and looking at making a few changes. First up is the wheels, 17's are just too small for the size of the...
  17. EssVier

    VAGCOM in Derbyshire/Manchester area please!

    Afternoon guys, I have a rough-running 2.0TDi and believe it to be the turbo fairy knocking! Does anybody have VAGCOM who for the price of lunch would plug it in to see what it throws up? Much appreciated. Matt PS I live in SK17 area, will travel.
  18. EssVier

    Anybody got an S-Line RS6 style rim for sale?

    Ive managed to kurb one of my wheels, first time ive ever done it and I feel sick to the bone :-( :banghead: Its not that bad, but id sooner replace than refurb. Anyone got one or know of one id appreciate and see ya right, ta! Matt
  19. EssVier

    Any B5 RS4 owners near Manchester/NW?

    Ive managed to bag a job 5 mins walk from my house, so the smelly noisy slow diesel is going! Woo! Ive always fancied one of these, and would like to be taken out in one. Lunch will be on me for the privilege! Thanks in advance. :redrs4:
  20. EssVier

    140TDi, quicker after service?

    Just had my first service, and omfg! Really does put you in your seat, and after a spirited drive using the paddles, still returns 40+mpg! Before it was sluggish, and the mpg struggled to make 47 driving like a grandad (No offence meant to the grandads out here) Maybe Audi have uploaded a...