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  1. #Nick

    Good Buy?

    Been looking on eBay for ages for a B6 S4 interior... VERY close to buying these. Not very often come up. Is it a good price? I only...
  2. #Nick

    Headlight Hole...

    Hey all, I recently got some new Dipped Beam bulbs, but they are too large to fit through the hole. Is there any way of enlarging the hole? The bulb is 2cm dia, and the hole is 1.7cm, so not a lot needs to come off. Any ideas anyone?? The annoying thing is, they fit perfectly in the Full...
  3. #Nick

    Parade Lap Pictures?

    Anybody have any pics from the Parade Lap at the end of the day? Looking for a pic of my car... Silver B6 Avant, 2nd from front. Also, there was a camera van going round - anybody know how to get those pics? PS Was great to meet everybody at the show!!
  4. #Nick

    Front Suspension Removal

    Hey guys Doing my front perches tomorrow. Looking online, I will probably find the pinch bolt issue! Is there a way to drop the suspension out, without touching the pinch bolt? Is there a way to remove the upper control arm bolts at the top, and drop it out like that? Any other advice that...
  5. #Nick

    Boost Gauge Feed

    Had a quick search, but seems to be no conclusive answer... Where is the best place to tee off to run a Boost Gauge on a 1.9TDI PD130? Thanks, #Nick
  6. #Nick

    Spring advise...

    Hi guys, Just a quickie…. I have a B6 A4 Avant Sport on 19’s. The front rides a bit higher then I would like, although the rear is perfect. My question is, can I fit a set of 35mm Springs on the front, and leave the rear standard? Will this throw the handling out and make the car...
  7. #Nick

    Tyre choice...

    Hi Guys I have a set of 8.5x19 BBS LM reps and had a blow out the other day. If im honest, all 4 tyres need replacing. I currently have 235/35/19, but due to the cost, was looking at 225/35/19. Does anyone have a pic of 225 on 8.5j wheels so I can compare? thanks!
  8. #Nick

    Remap Demo/trial?

    Hi Bill, Just a quickie... Do you do any free Demo Revo maps? I know of some places that will do a free 200 mile or 24hr (igntion-on time) Revo map? After which time, they automatically turn off and revert back to factory Map. Basically, I have me and 2 others who are wanting a Revo map, and...
  9. #Nick

    Electric Window Switches

    Hi guys, I have a strange issue with my window switches... - My drivers side will only open/close if you push/pull hard on the switch. The auto isn't working. - My passenger side (only have front electric) will only go up and down using auto/one-touch. You cant hold it until you want it to...
  10. #Nick

    FAO deano1978

    Hi Deano, Just seen a pic of your Avant in the Universal Splitter thread. Do you have any pics of the front of your car? Also a 'how to' on what you did with the grills? It looks EPIC!!! I had a look using the search function, but couldn't see anything.
  11. #Nick

    VAGCOM in Bristol

    Hi guys, Anyone in the Bristol area (North Bristol ideally) with VAGCOM? I'm looking for a quick Scan to check everything is cool with the car, and also I'd like "Alarm Chirp" enabled. Thanks,
  12. #Nick

    First Audi Project

    Hi Guys, New to the forum and to Audi, so thought I would put a little project thread together to show the (slow) progress that my new car will be making. I've always been into hot-hatchbacks, and for the last 5 years had a Clio RS 172. Totally loved the car, but it started to need...