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    Clearcoat damage from sap

    Following from leaving my car at Gatwick for a 2 week holiday, I come back to find sap all over the car. I've just washed it and looks like the sap has etched into the clearcoat. I've had a quick go at removing these etches, but I only have a light compound, so it doesn't touch it. There doesn't...
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    Front brake calliper removal

    Can anyone direct me an idiots guide to remove the front brake calliper? I have a foreign object stuck in the brake pad creating a lovely score mark on the disc!! Thanks
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    3rd brake light - LED's stopped working

    So, my new '16 plate car is now 2 1/2 mths old and this morning looked in a window whilst reversing only to find 2 or 3 LED's not working in the 3rd brake light in the spoiler. Is this covered in the warranty? Had this issue with a Golf I had and they said they would have to 'cheese-wire' the...
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    COD engine query

    So last Saturday, I P/X my old 1.4 122 S-Line A3 SB for a 1.4 150 COD S-Line A3 SB. Had a good offer from the dealer so went for it. Cracking engine. Car now has 220 miles on it but I have noticed that while cruising on the motorway at 70, the car feels like it is surging. It doesn't feel...
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    New cars and SD sat nav

    For those who have picked up a new cars recently and have the SD sat nav installed, do you have the latest 2016 maps, i.e. 8V0 060 866D? I am picking new S-line Nav up on Saturday and wondered if it'll have the latest maps. Thanks
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    Dilemma....Old vs new

    So after nearly 2yrs of ownership of my A3 SB 1.4 122 S-Line, I receive a call from the dealer saying that they could possibly get me into a new car with little to no increase in my monthly amount. My car is approx. £1k in negative equity. After various emails/ calls they have offered my the A3...
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    If a dealer......

    I am not going to name the dealer yet, as I am giving them time to reply, but if a dealer, while changing the tyres and/ or performing the wheel alignment, scratches a spotless alloy, what would you do? Thoughts appreciated as I don't know if I'm being too anal about this scratch. Thanks
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    Cruise control cancellation question

    Having picked up my new A3 SB with comfort pack on 1st, I have been using the cruise quite a lot on the motorway and find it great. This afternoon I used it on an A road, 6th gear, 40mph. Coming up a hill, pressed the clutch in to change gear, thinking it would cancel the cruise, but oh no...
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    MK5 GTi to A3 BE

    Hi everyone. Been looking on this site for a week or so as I am thinking of changing my '06 Golf GTi for an A3 170 TDi BE. Just wondering if anyone on here has done the same and what are there views of the change?. I am going to look around one tomorrow to see what I think and make a...