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  1. eagle_s3

    Two Days till Black Edition Delivery

    Woohoo. Finally the wait is nearly over. There is now just Two days until I take delivery of my new company car, a A3 Sportback TDI 140 Black Edition. Five months from order till delivery. Car was even ready ahead of the original date but the car lease company wouldn't deliver it until the old...
  2. eagle_s3

    A3 Racing Blue Mica, yes or no?

    Gents, I believe the colour is Racing Blue Mica, it's an audi exclusive colour and therefore comes with a rather high price tag. Is it worth it?
  3. eagle_s3

    S4 Avus Alloys for sale (also in for sale section but I feel they've been missed)

    Admin - please don't delete. I've posted in the for sale section but I feel they've been missed.
  4. eagle_s3

    8L stereo not taking code

    Hi, Hope the combine knowledge of the forum can help me out on this one. Removed the stereo in my S3 to get access to the cup holder. Re-fitted the stereo and it wouldn't work at all, this turned out to be a blown fuse. Re-fitted the stereo again and it will turn on and shows "SAFE" on the...
  5. eagle_s3

    calling all those with S4 avus alloys

    Gents (and possible ladies so I'm not sexist) Those with S4 avus alloys I need your assistance. I have broken the plastic clips on my centre cap and require to buy a new one. I got my wheels of ebay but can't seem to find the same company again. Where did you get your wheels from...
  6. eagle_s3

    Interesting development.

    Anyone else seen this? S level is now getting beat by club sport. Thoughts and feelings?
  7. eagle_s3

    She looks good now

    Had the car about 4 months now but didn't feel that it looked good enough to share. That changed today though. Fitted my new wheels and I'm loving it more. Bought the car from a garage in Glasgow, soon as I saw the seats the car was sold, Half leather with blue alcantara. Had just over...
  8. eagle_s3

    Engine lost all it's oil!

    The reason being, I put a hole in the sump while out driving some back roads. Having some nice fast back road driving, and the car bottomed out over a very uneven bit of road. It took a really heavy hit and after a short distance the oil warning light came on. Stopped the car right away, got...
  9. eagle_s3

    New car, intermittent problem.

    Hello. I've been reading the forum for a while due to wanting to purchase an S3 at some point Got a new job and a decent cash flow so I stepped up my search. Found a Y plate S3 in silver with 34K miles on the clock, couldn't really pass it up. Got the car on Monday and I'm loving it...