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  1. Kristijan Sabljar

    RS3 black badge set where to buy Help !!!!!

    Hi, if anyone can help, where to buy black badge set for RS3 FL I need front, back and RS3 badge All GLOOSS Black Link, infos .... Tnx in advance
  2. Kristijan Sabljar

    Facelift Audi RS3 FL oil change

    Hi guys i have decided to change oil on my RS3 after 2000 miles . What oil u suggest or what oil u get at dealers. They offerd me ORIGINAL oil 5W-40. I have red in manual that Audi suggest CASTROL EDGE Profesional LL3 Any help will be good. TNX
  3. Kristijan Sabljar

    RS3 FL Vbox times (stock , tuned)

    Lets share on this topic vbox times of RS3 FL times :D Me start Sportback FL 800km on clock 100-200kmh (62-125mph) 9,5 sec (9.66 corrected) Stock 19" rims 235/35/19 all 4 tires
  4. Kristijan Sabljar

    Sportback Audi RS3 FL 500HP+ project

    Hi guys, I come from Golf 7 R with Revo stage 3 kit and 480hp/550Nm My name is Kristijan and i got my car 2 days ago It is Nardo gray with: - Matrix -B&O -S seats red stich -Autofold mirrors -Audi Sport exhaust -Black optic pack and mirrors -Virtual cockpit I am main Revo distributer for...
  5. Kristijan Sabljar

    Hello guys RS3 sportback FL in arrival :D

    Hi guys, My name is Kristijan and i come from Croatia. I had MK7 R With Revo stage 3 kit 480hp/570nm and it was fast! Golf is sold ordered new RS3 sportback FL , hoping to get it soon and start tuning! Best regards