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  1. 24styles

    S3 8v geometry setup?

    Anyone here with an s3 8v had a play with casters and cambers? Mines in for a geometry check on the 2nd of december, wondered if anyone had a setup for me to try....
  2. 24styles

    Geometry setup?

    Got the s3 booked in for 4 wheel alinment and caster and camber check on the 2nd of december.....anyone got any fast road setups that they use on ther s3's?
  3. 24styles

    s3 turbo actuator code

    anyone had anytrouble with getting turbo actuator trouble codes? i seem to get it occasionly wen launching.
  4. 24styles

    s3 8v speaker help

    just been to my local ice shop to see about getting some upgraded front speakers and he said i basiclly need an amp a processor a sub aswell as front speakers for it to work? is this true or can i just get some front speakers?
  5. 24styles

    s3 8v speaker help

    just been to my local ice shop to see about getting 2 upgraded front speakers for my 2015 s3 and he basicly told me i would need a processor and an amp and a sub aswell as front speakers? is this true or is he just trying to spend my money?
  6. 24styles

    decat and intercooler

    had my milltek decat and wagner intercooler fitted yesterday and today the managment light is guessing this is down to the decat? its in for mapping next month i guess they will just map the light out?
  7. 24styles

    15,500mile inspection?

    had my s3 in for first oil change in june 2016 and it was on 9k, now in april 2017 its on 15,500 its saying inspection in 30days or 3600 miles and oil change in 9700 miles or 325 days just wanted to know if the inspection it wants now is worth it and wot is included?
  8. 24styles

    vibration help

    recently fitted new discs, pads and r8 calipers to my s3, went on a long trip sunday and noticed a vibration between 75-80mph. its not through the steering wheel but through the car. it does seem to come and go. i have had the front wheels balanced today and that hasent solved it. could it be a...
  9. 24styles

    BBK install on s3

    just got myself a big brake kit, anyone got any info that i will need to know before fitting them with regards to bleeding the system?
  10. 24styles

    music from phone playing through s3 stereo?

    cant get my music on my phone to play through bluetooth in my s3, it shows as connected to the car and the hands free all works fine, i use the google music player on my android phone and it shows that its playing songs on the phone and on the screen in the car but cant hear anything, volume is...
  11. 24styles

    big brakes

    just ordered a big brake kit from 'brake caliper refurbs' got some 8 pot r8 calipers coming in solar orange to match the car. just wondered if thers anything special i need to know wen it comes to bleeding the brakes? as the last time i played about with brakes was about 6 years ago on a...
  12. 24styles

    rs3 8v wheels onto s3 8v

    getting some rs3 8v rotors at the weekend and i noticed the staggered setup with the 255/30/19 and 235/35/19 and i just assumed the 255 would be on the rear but ive noticed that on rs3's they have the wider tyre and wheel on the front....anyone know why this is and weather i should put the wider...
  13. 24styles

    19" tyre sizes

    so ive got a winter set of wheels which are rs3 8v rotors (19x8 et49)...i think, and summer set of wheels which are (19x8.5 et45) im looking to get a set of tyres that will accommodate both sets. im thinking of getting some 245/35. wot do you guys think? im trying to close up the arch gap and...
  14. 24styles

    jb4 upgrade has turned up

    my jb4 upgrade has turned up this morning and i will be fitting it later today! anyone else got one yet and fitted it?
  15. 24styles


    got some 19" wheels on the way so im going to need some new rubber, wot do you lot reccomend?
  16. 24styles

    worthersee 2017?

    has anyone been to the worthersee event in austria? looking at going next year but trying to plan how many stop overs i would need along the way...and on the way back. from calais its like a 12hour drive. i was thinking maybe a night at the nurburgring and then maybe another stop in munich...
  17. 24styles

    Window tint %

    Anybody know wot window tint percantage i have on the rear windows of my s3? It came with them from audi if that helps?
  18. 24styles

    Vwracing products....

    Probably a stupid question but are vwracing products warranty safe? Not to bothered if ther not but just wondered. Thinking about a vwr600 intake and vwr inlet elbow and vwr silicone intake pipe.
  19. 24styles


    Im sick of looking for a cat back system for my s3, im undecided now on weather to go for resonated or not, i deffinatly want it to be valved tho.....any ideas?
  20. 24styles

    Which cat back system?

    Looking to buy a catback system for my s3, want to get one thats still valved but unsure which brand to get and weather to go resonated or not....anyone gone down this road with any opinions?