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  1. Andyescos

    Interior light pack missing - RS3 as courtesy car

    Well it's been confirmed Audi missed the interior light pack for the interior door handles. :wtf:It was also missed by Northampton when PDI. :wtf: The only silver lining is I got the RS3 for 4 days over the weekend. It's full loaded with mag ride/Sports exhaust, and it sounds absolutely great...
  2. Andyescos

    The wait begins again!!

    After the missing options and finding about a dozen scratches on the boot, been to Audi today and they've agreed that it's not acceptable so going to order a replacement. Hopfully won't be too long a wait. Good news thou I can keep the current one until he replacement arrives. So good on...
  3. Andyescos

    Panther black 1st clean

    first week and 350 miles thought I better give it a clean. 10am this morning it looked like this. Then snow foamed and rinsed, started to look a bit better Then clayed sealed and waxed, think it turned out ok.
  4. Andyescos

    Soon to be new owner of S3 Saloon.

    HI Guys Been reading the forum for the last few weeks - ,Some great info on the site, pick mine up on 1st March from Northampton Audi, 1st ever brand new car!! It'll be nice to be back in quick car again after 10 years of sensible diesels!! Can't wait, roll on 1st March.