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  1. Nickyc

    Rusty disks seizing pads after washing - advice

    Hi gang, Happy New Year to you all. I'm after a bit of advice, our Audi is our second car and usually after we have taken it out, it gets a wash and is then parked in the garage for weeks until it is used again. The issue I have is that the brakes seize up and the car wont move when I use it...
  2. Nickyc

    MMI versions across the PFL and FL range

    Hi all, does anyone know all the MMI versions that were available for both models at all ? I have the technology pack with Audi connect and I have a sim card slot on the unit in the glovebox, but I heard that there was another unit that had a built in sim for the PFL. Im curious as I didnt get...
  3. Nickyc

    2015 RS3 Rear Camera retrofit - Whats involved

    As in title really, is it a big job ? How much does it normally cost supplied and fitted, if anyone has had it done ? Is the FL system and MIB different to the PFL , is the screen the same? if so what is the difference between the 2 and can the FL MIB be fitted to the PFL or will it cause...
  4. Nickyc

    Wanted Staggered PFL front alloy wheel or wheels

    I know its an off chance but I need an 8.5" PFL RS3 front alloy if anyone is willing to sell for a reasonable price. Has to be mint or close to mint, dark anthracite Tyre not essential. Thanks
  5. Nickyc

    Is Google earth view going ?

    Out of pure coincidence, I came across a thread about Google Earth view on Audi's built before 2018 not being available after 2020. Anyone know if that is actually true or not ?
  6. Nickyc

    RS3 red caliper touch up

    Hi all, I noticed a couple of chips on my red calipers, has anyone used anything to touch them up that matches the factory paint ? If so can I ask what you used please ?
  7. Nickyc

    RS3 OPF tuned - Infinit Performance

    Just watched this on Tube of You, a good little watch and what can be done. Not to everyone's taste maybe but at least he explained all the differences and what can and cant be done .
  8. Nickyc

    Got bored - Took lance apart and polished it

    Covid 19 is taking its toll on me. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  9. Nickyc

    No Bucket Method

    Interesting 2 videos I came across by accident. Makes logical sense to me and less flaffing about with buckets. Will obviously need one for wheels though. I have been using the multi mitt method for a while now, but just couldnt get enough soap down. This seems the solution to replace the...
  10. Nickyc

    How many passes, confusion ? Flex XCE forced rotation but not specific to that machine.

    Hi folks, I wonder if someone could guide me in the right direction at all. I have now got the above machine after putting it off for so long, I have watched all sorts videos and tutorials and have become a little confused between 2 techniques used on the Forensics channel and the one on the...
  11. Nickyc

    White details - Glass cleaning

    In my opinion, the best detailer out there. Plus he teaches you his trade.
  12. Nickyc

    Car pro Essence. Anybody used it ?

    Hi folks, hope you are all keeping well ? Has anyone used the above ? If so what are your thoughts. I sort of wanted to use it because I didn't want to go crazy on my clear coat, but liked the fact that it has semi permanent fillers and finishes rally well. I wasn't planning on ceramic coating...
  13. Nickyc

    White details Youtube channel. RS5 and R8 GT

    Not sure how many of you watch the White Details channel. I really like it and he is very down to earth and shows you everything that he does rather than show you some before and after footage. A good few things I have learnt from him. Anyway, this week he has an RS5 in a really nice dark blue...
  14. Nickyc

    PFL Design pack mats

    Hello all, I need some help. I have the original standard mats in my PFL which seem to be a dark grey/black colour, with dark grey binding and dark grey stitching. The pictures I have seen of the PFL design pack mats seem to look like black mats, with grey nubuck binding and silver stitching...
  15. Nickyc

    Ctek Charger and aux plug in boot

    Finally got my charger and thought that I could charge it using the cigarette adaptor in the boot socket. Turns out its only on when the ignition is on. Is that correct ? I was led to believe the boot one was permanently live and I could charge from it.
  16. Nickyc

    Does a PFL always pop on start up

    I noticed this yesterday when I took the car out of the garage to clean it, it didn't make any pops on initial start up. Is that because of the warm weather ?
  17. Nickyc

    New Sim card for PFL

    Apologies beforehand if this is a silly question but Im not that technically minded. At the moment I have a data Sim from 3 in the car which I top up when needed. Mainly for google maps. But this costs £10 for 1gb and only last 30 days. Anyway I just got a giffgaff Sim which is a lot cheaper and...
  18. Nickyc

    Steamy headlights

    Anyone else get this? Mine has done it from new, normally when I wash it. But it did it the other day when driving in rain, when I stopped, parts of the headlights were steamed up.
  19. Nickyc

    CTEK Charger fitment to PFL RS3

    Hi folks, anyone got a CTEK Charger connected ? Can I ask how you have fitted it ? Permanently so you just disconnect the plug but leave the other end permanently fitted ? Cigarette lighter socket in the boot ? Also would the MXS 5.0 Test and Charge be ok with the Start Stop Battery, or will I...
  20. Nickyc

    A5 Dead pedal

    Saw this at the dealers today, wonder if it will fit the RS3 ?