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    Still have Rattle and Chatter after Flywheel Change

    Hey there I had some massive chattering around the Dual Mass Flywheel on my B8 TDI 2.0L. Have just had the flywheel replaced with a brand new part, but it is still making a chattering sound even after its been changed. It is no where near as loud now and the transmission is not jumpy so it’s...
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    Chocolate Frothy Milkshake Like Substance in the Coolant Overflow Tank.... Um, WTF?

    Thick Brown Milkshake in Coolant Overflow Tank, ARRRRGGHH! Hey guys Love to know if anyone else has experienced this. I have just picked up a 2003 a4 Convertible 1.8t and I absolutely love driving it this summer. I have just recently discovered that there is a thick brown milkshake looking...