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    3.0 TDI soot smell

    Hello. So about 6 months ago I chip tuned my b8 (CAPA). I've done all the classical things. EGR, DPF, swirl flaps delete and gutted the muffler. When I've been preparing the car I've also cleaned the intake manifold and there was some soot accumulated which I removed. The problem I have is that...
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    RPM jump when driving off in 1st and when shifting

    Hi. So I'm dealing with this so called feature that automatically rises rpms a bit when taking off in first or when changing gears while driving. This happens when the clutch is realeased with little or no throttle and the electronics prevent the engine to stall. To me this feature is annoying...
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    Help Please Swirl flaps, egr and fps delete

    Hi. A4 B8 2008 CAPA 3.0 V6 Some back story. So Im having problems with dpf. 870km ago I performed a force regen of dpf as it was so clogged that the car went into limp mode (blinking glow plugs). Today the particulate filter error poped up again. In the meantime I've replaced a faulty...
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    Help Please A/C doesn't work

    Hi. As the title goes I'm having problems with air con. When holding the ac button the light is lit and turns off immediately upon releasing the button. On vcds it shows that the ac pressure is at 1.2bar. The pressure sensor looks good and does not appear to leak but I've noticed something that...
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    quad exhaust tips for 3.0

    Hi. Has anyone switched form single exhaust tip to double tips on 3.0? I found this. It logically requires S4 rear bumper in order to fit them. Anyone knows if it is possible to change only the exhaust tips?
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    Prodigium's build

    Hello everyone. So last week I've bought a used a4 b8 3.0 tdi (240hp) manual quattro. It's a 2008 model with 230000km on the clock. The hood and front mask have a few stone chips but nothing major and not very noticeable. The chassis is from S line so its 3cm lower from the factory. It also...