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    How to make suspension softer?

    I have a 2017 TT RS and I find the suspension too hard, especially given the condition of many of the UK roads. The car has 19" wheels and the size of the front brake calipers means that I cannot try 18" wheels. The car does not have Mag Ride. I've been looking at the parts lists and see that...
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    1.SPORTSTRACTOR (James) - Barnstaple 2. ScottB5 (Scott) - Plymouth 3 (Scott) - Torquay 4. Audimad100 - Penzance 5. pats3poa (Pat) - Exeter 6.JD007F (James) Hayle 7.tonya4 (Tony) -Barnstaple 8. dancupra225 (Dan) - Redruth 9. Jack_Of_All_Trades (Jack) - Street, Somerset 10. rokape (Josh) -...
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    SW Dealership meet

    I'm new here, SW based and interested in a dealer tour.