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    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    Hi all, I did a full VCDS scan a few weeks ago and everything came back okay apart from the following message: ---------------------------------------------------------- Address 4C: Tire Pressure II Cannot be reached ---------------------------------------------------------- I'm new to all...
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    S3 DSG Stage 2+ ... Yay or Nay?

    Well, I've been at Stage 1 for about a month now and whilst you'll still struggle to prize me out the thing...I can't help but want to go to Stage 2+ when I see various build threads which keep popping up every day! It's just a simple question to people who have done it in the past or who are...
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    Brand New Ibis White S-Tronic S3...Remapped With Shark Performance

    Hi all, Been knocking around on the Forum for quite a while now and decided late last year to order a brand new S3 after not much self persuasion as I'd always wanted one. After being told it would be delivered in March 2012, I was fairly disappointed but decided to wait as I knew it would...
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    Where is the USB Port on an S3?

    Right... I'm actually embarrassed to ask this but I've had a quick shufty around the car to find a USB port but cannot come across one? I was led to believe that there would be a port that I could just put a USB stick in and play music off of or have I got it wrong? Andy
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    Correct Running-In Procedure

    The S3 is scheduled to arrive in approximately two weeks so I was just wondering if someone could once and for all clear up all the mis-information you see about how to "run-in" a new engine? I've read such things as: - Taking it easy and applying a gentle run-in - no jackrabbit starts or...
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    New S3 Arrival :)

    Put in a factory order approximately six weeks ago...and was originally quoted mid-February/early March. Was a little disappointed to say the least but hey ho...what can you do. My only positive was that it wouldn't have to survive a harsh winter over here! Decided to ring up earlier today with...
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    S3 - Have I made the right decision?

    I recently put an order in for an Ibis White S3 Sportback around three weeks ago...but as always, on my daily commute, I have to pass an Audi Dealership which means there are often varying Audi's waiting at the lights of the junction. And it just so happens this morning, that there was a brand...
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    S3 Order Confirmation

    Walked through the door today to find a letter saying my S3 order has been placed and been given an estimated delivery date of Mid Feb '12. Bit upsetting I have to wait that long but...these estimated dates have a habit of changing don't they? And hopefully not for the worse! Been in love with...
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    Audi RNS-E injected with CAR PC + Touchscreen

    Anybody seen this or know of anyone who's done it? Is it easy? Audi RNS-E injected with CAR PC + Touchscreen - YouTube
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    New S3 Order

    Morning all, I'm looking to throw in an order for an S3 at the end of this week but I just have one issue - Is it possible to order a Black Edition but keep the aluminium inlays? I like everything the Black Edition offers apart from the piano black inlays; heard they are a nightmare to keep...
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    S3 - Buy Now or Wait?

    Hi everyone...been following things on here so a number of months but this is my first post so bare with me :) Got a bit of a dilemma as it goes, absolutely fallen in love with the S3 so cannot decide whether or not to put an order in for a new one now or wait until the new model arrives...