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  1. Demari46

    Second service 18k

    Hi all. After searching around various forums trying to find out what is done in a inspection service I can now be sure it has nothing to do with an oil change, it's a big visual check on most of the car! And is really expensive. Just had a price for insp serv and 18k oil service at £388.45 n...
  2. Demari46

    Haldex pump repaired

    Was having issues with the 4wd not working on the s3, so booked it in at Audi Sheffield. They diagnosed it and the Haldex oil strainer was showing up as blocked. It's been in for the repair work today and all seems fine now. They said they flushed the system twice and replaced the filter and...
  3. Demari46

    Launch control in the wet not good!

    Launched my s3 earlier today on a rather wet road and it really didn't like it, the front wheels just spun up hard! Then the power just totally cut for a second or two then I had drive as normal, foot flat to floor whilst this was happening. It's doing this before its getting out or first gear...
  4. Demari46

    JB1 fitted and I'm blown away!

    Fitted the jb1 tuning box yesterday evening, It was really easy to fit and the fittings look decent quality. I went for a 15 min drive to settle the box in as advised and my good god, it pulls so hard now! Even in 4th it pulls hard! Gear changes feel significantly quicker too! nothing as been...
  5. Demari46

    S-tronic feels much faster than manual!

    After owning a manual s3 for 6 months from new, I decided to trade it in for two reasons, one being the standard suspension is shocking, two being the manual box is very poor (my opinion) The s tronic feels so strong, it feels a fair wack quicker than my manual ever did. I'm very happy with it :)
  6. Demari46

    Confusion at Audi UK about spec amending!

    Emailed the sales manager today to change from nappa to alcantara plus add light and rain sensor pack to my order. He says there slight confusion at Audi UK regarding spec changes to current orders, he hopes tomorrow it will be more clear as to what the problem is. Has anyone tried to change...
  7. Demari46

    Jct600 gave me more for my car than I payed new!!

    Payed 29700 for a 65 plate s3 manual, Hated the gearbox so asked to part exchange for the s tronic and they offered me 30,575 for it. They said it was because I got such a good deal in the first place, i went in to my new deal with £5100 deposit. I was stunned!
  8. Demari46

    Manual s3 clutch capabilities

    Will my s3 8v manual clutch handle the power of stage 1 Thanks in advance
  9. Demari46

    S3 arrived at dealership :) picking her up Monday

    Audi s3 sportback in Misano red with aluminium roof bars. It's had gardx treatment and I get a sweet deal after 4 months of negotiations :)