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  1. necroeire

    Amazing 150mph save

    More info here about the impreza PistonHeads Headlines - TT Tank Slapper - What A Save! (Update)
  2. necroeire

    Front (RHS) Window Regulator replacement

    Hi all, My drivers side front wondow stopped this evening with a nice sounding ping, so I took the door apart and found a snapped cable that looks like a bicycle brake cable. So after some searching I found a very nice write up here to do a full Window Regulator replacement, however this is the...
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    Traffic Camera Fix

  4. necroeire

    New level of crazy - ****. Te laat
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    C´etait un rendezvous - Claude Lelouch 1976

    C´etait un rendezvous - Claude Lelouch 1976 UOngL0mEhgI
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    Jay Leno - hidden race track in LA

    REeLPTRtLDI and making if above video... lkO6mZ3LP-8
  7. necroeire

    Ford Mustang Street Launch

  8. necroeire

    Windscreen washer woes

    So yesterday I try my washer and the wipers move but no water comes out, so when I get home i pop back out to fill the water tank and it's already 3/4 full. So I top it up and try the washer again and still nothing. when the car is off and ignition is on I can hear a little click when i pull...
  9. necroeire

    Source for Aero Wipers

    Sorry all - too many threads already on this subject. I'm looking for a link to eBay shop or vag-parts alternative. I bought mine from vag-parts (RIP) about two years ago and can longer refurbish them. Does anyone have a good source for them since vag-parts folded? I bought them as A4...
  10. necroeire

    BF3 Confirmed in Development If we have any BF2 or BF2142 fans here :)
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    AirCon regassed, no leaks, no fan??

    I already posted this in the AirCon section but that doesn't have too much traffic these days so I'll post here too as I'm hoping of rsome drawing or help identifying parts. 2001 B6 A4 1.9TDi No matter what temperature I set it to it will only go to ambient, and since I've only used it in...
  12. necroeire

    AirCon regassed, still hot no pressure

    2001 B6 A4 1.9TDi No matter what temperature I set it to it will only go to ambient, and since I've only used it in the last few days for the first time since last year the aircon has stopped working. Yesterday I brought it to an AirCon service centre for a regas and the guy done a...
  13. necroeire

    Loss of FM quality

    Today I developed a boot lock problem (See here) but also for the last few days I've had a loss of FM radio quality. Now I read somewhere that the B6 A4 had some part of the antenna in the boot but could this be related? Anyone know where the antenna is on a B6? Cheers.
  14. necroeire

    Bloomin boot won't open

    Well the car passed the NCT today but now the boot won't open. I can hear the electrics working in there but it doesn't release at all. The solenoid ( i think) makes a noise like it's doing something. When I press the soft switch thing it make the normal sound, then try a second time it seems...
  15. necroeire

    Tdi slow to start

    In the last few days the car has been hard to start, it cranks fine and takes a few turns before it comes to life. I've changed the heater plugs, hooked it up to VAG-COM(No errors) and had a full service done yesterday, (Filters, Oil etc..) Now I'm thinking that there may be a bit of grit or...
  16. necroeire

    Blast from the past

    Hi all, long time so see, I haven't been back since I wrecked my A4 nearly 2 years ago. I'm now driving a B6 1.9TDi A4. With the state of the economy and the job front I'll be driving the B6 for another year or 2 until I can save enough to get a new Avant. Here's a picture of my A4 as it...
  17. necroeire

    Aircon Recharge

    Anyone recharged their Aircon themselves? I saw some recharge Gas in Halfords as my aircon is not as cool as it used to be. In fact these days it's more heating that cooling we need. I think this is the one I saw - Link
  18. necroeire

    Service on 01 1.9TDi

    Anyone do their own servicing on a 01 1.9tdi? How much do you do and what is needed? Also do you reset the service indicator yourself on the dash? Cheers, Necro
  19. necroeire

    Changing battery

    Done a search of the forums but can't find any spec on the battery. I'm driving my Landcruiser today but need to buy a new battery for the 2001 A4 TDi on the way home in Halfords. Anyone know the spec of the battery? Power etc..? Positive on right or left? Thanks, Necro...
  20. necroeire

    I'm back

    Hope no one missed me :wtf: Anyhow got the A4 repaired for €6750, new bonnet, front bumber, lower bumper, engine mountings, clutch, radiator, lower bumper, new lights, new fogs......list goes on a long way. Here are the before and after pics. I posted some in the Pics thread above too...