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    Suspension problem? 2 Solutions.

    Hi every one. The car has been to the garage for its annual service. The girl has only done 4k this year. I knew that both lower suspension arms were bit poorly. Now they are fully cracked and need replacing. I am more the happy to do all the work my self. I am not sure which kit to buy as i...
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    For Sale S4 B8.5 Side Mirrors

    Removed from my S4 B8.5, fully working and good condition. Removed as purchased some power folding mirrors. Removed from the car with 50k on the clock. These are not power folding. £150 delivered. Thank you,
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    Help Please Oil Pressure Sensor Location S4 B8/B8.5

    Hi every one, Had a problem with the car and after having a look on VCDS found it to be the sensor. Problem was it limited the revs to 4000. After an hour looking i have come to a lost point. Has any one replaced one on the S4? I had a look at ECS and there seem to be too different types. So...
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    Another Camera Retrofit (Help Needed)

    Hi Guys and Girls, i followed the guide from another retrofit on here: The car is a B8.5 S4 with front and rear sensors MMI high. All stuff has been purchased from US and came off an S4, apart from camera from Tiguan...
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    Little Help Required (Key Problem)

    Hey Guys and Girls. I have got my self a 2012 S4 Black Edition. Used to have a modified 135i N54 but as the wife wanted a 4 door and i always liked the Audi saloons so here we are! The problem is that i only have two keys with the car when i purchased it but when i check the MMI it registers...
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    Looking for an S4 B8.5

    Hi guys and girls. Just sold my 135i today and now looking for a good example S4 b8.5. Saw a good one up in Scotland but it sold, was very good value for money. Just looking at a few and musts are: Super sport seats, High MMI, cruse control. The Mrs will be driving the car most of the time so...