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    Fault Code Help

    Hi, Could anyone suggest why I may be getting the fault code P0171 - Powertrain - System too Lean (Bank 1)? Trying to resolve this I have replaced the old, badly worn dipstick with the new revised yellow one and also replaced a cracked hose. I turned off the EML light / fault code, however a...
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    Vacuum leak...please help

    Hi all, I am new here and have just had my S3 throw the EML light on with code p0171 running lean bank 1. A lot of reading suggests a vacuum leak or bad maf sensor. Is there anyway to confirm a fault maf sensor? The car drives and idles fine, idle is possibly very minimally lumpy. I saw this...
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    S3 8p Dipstick Question...

    Hi, Can someone let me know, is the dipstick meant to have two little rubber o rings, one at the top around the neck and one down towards the bottom? Or is it just one at the top?
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    Mapped s3's what mileage are you on?

    Just wondering for all those mapped s3 owners, what mileage are you on? Have you had any issues? Anyone blown up?
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    Newbie....S3 owner....Advice needed

    Hi, I have just bought myself a second car a second hand 2007 Audi S3 with 75k on the clock. It has a full Audi history and to be honest the very first thing I'm thinking is....remap....but my question and worry is, would it be safe to map the car given it is ten years old with that many miles...