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    SQ5 Heated Seat retrofit

    Thank you, i will see if there are any unused plugs visible
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    SQ5 Heated Seat retrofit

    Hi All, Highly unlikely but are the standard front seats prepared with heating elements? I was hoping for a retrofit but don’t fancy after markets kits. If it was a case of plugging in wiring and coding etc i would be tempted Many Thanks
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    SQ5 SQ5 engine rattle

    Just to close the thread out. We have just received the car back after nearly two weeks. The timing chains, guides, tensioner, bolts baskets and seals have all been replaced. The noise has gone and the engine sounds super. The chain was still under tension but one of the guides was chewed up...
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    SQ5 SQ5 engine rattle

    Hopefully this helps you and others
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    SQ5 SQ5 engine rattle

    Hi Matt, very strange that you should message at this moment in time. I struggled to pinpoint the rattle myself and since my post the rattle became more pronounced when driven and became more noticeable when revving the car whilst parked. We had it in at Audi for a service who couldn’t find...
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    SQ5 SQ5 engine rattle

    It’s a strange noise, I wouldn’t necessarily describe it as a high pitch, tinny noise that perhaps you would have expected from a heat shield coming into contact with the exhaust. Certainly more of a lower noise, more like that of a bottom end problem. When I followed the car it appeared to be...
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    SQ5 SQ5 engine rattle

    Thanks for the post. Hopefully it is just that but wondered if it was raising its head as it is under increased load. I best get the engine tray off and have a proper inspection. Many Thanks
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    SQ5 SQ5 engine rattle

    Hi All, I thought I would post looking for any suggestions. We have a 2013 SQ5 with around 80k miles and full Audi history. The car runs very nicely and drives well. Tappety on start up buy they all are. We have noticed that when reversing up our drive there is a loud rattle from the front. It...
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    SQ5 SQ5 4wd Service

    Fantastic, thanks very much to you both for the replies.
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    SQ5 SQ5 4wd Service

    Hi, Please can someone advise what a 2013 SQ5 has in terms of a 4wd system? I assume it runs a Haldex system and of course a rear diff? What will be required to service both? I can’t seem to find any how to guides relevant for the SQ5. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. I...
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    For Sale Black '57 Audi S3 8P - £6,250

    Driving down from Bradford is a sure fire way of putting him off. Would have gone with West Yorkshire
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    Opinion on 150hp S tronic S Line

    I have previously run a couple of A3 Tdi S-lines as company cars. I thought they were a fantastic cars but the 140 and later 150 models feel flat in terms of power delivery. Suspension was spot on but could be a bit rigid depending what you are used to. I found it perfect. The s-tronic is a...
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    Anyone know this Merlin Purple RS3?

    If this car is on the cherished plate 400OO surely this would suggest it has been owned by someone more respectful? Probably worth a look if it isn’t too far from you?
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    ECP promo's are a total scam.

    Would try the Auto Doc app. I selected the parts I wanted and they have regular discounts but watching their daily alerts gave me an indication of the average parts prices. 27% off on Black Friday so that was the time to get them purchased. I dont feel the prices are Inflated either. The app is...
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    Bit of a strange one , any thoughts on it.

    Personally if i was trying to capture the frequency of your electric gate I wouldn’t be throwing readers out of a passing car. You would want to place it with the accuracy and certainty so when you retrieve it you know where it is. First thoughts were drugs, may be worth speaking to the plod...
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    SQ5 B&O sound issue.

    I’m sure that will be it, however I have just changed all three dashboard speakers. Before I throw the old ones let me know if you need them for test purposes
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    Ummin & Aghin

    Good luck, let us know what you decide
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    House Burgled - Car Stolen

    Does it not seem a bit coincidental you have the work carried out on your car and it goes missing that evening? I always wonder what access some of the mechanics have to personal details. A lot of mechanics aren’t well paid and it wouldn’t take much to share some address details for some of...