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    Part no's

    Hi all Does anyone have the part numbers for: Double DIN Hazard switch A-pillar tweeter cover type thing The little white 'o' pieces that studs click in to on the inside of the doors cards Screws for the plastic splash gaurd underneath at the very front of the car It is a 54 plate A3...
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    OK I know there have been alot of posts about getting your car chipped. I have a 54 plate 2.0Tdi sportback 140bhp what I want to know is what company people have used to have theirs chipped, what gains you got (bhp + torque), did they provide a rolling road before and after, what price...
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    Cable routing in an 8P

    i will soon be installing my car pc into my car aswel as an upgraded sound system which will include a sub in the boot, I need to run a 4gauge power wire from the battery to the boot, anyone know if there are a ny holes in the bulkhead I can pass tis through? or will I have to drill my own. I...
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    Speaker sizes

    Hi all Does anyone know the size of the stock speakers in the A3 8P? I know I will get someone saying 'take the panels off and measure' however at the moment the weather isn't great and my car lives outside. I also heard/read that I will need adaptors to fit speakers, is this true...
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    Hi all this is my first post I recently purchased myself a 54 plate A3 sportback 2.0ltr Tdi 140bhp I will be putting a computer in my car, controlled by a 7" touchscreen, to fit the screen in I need to carry out a double DIN conversion. I managed to get hold of the cage and I will be...