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    S1 services manual

    Is there any good services manual particular for S1 (or cover S1 not just A1). Bentley publishing does not have it. I don't mind paying if there is a good one available.
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    Is S1 side mirror same as A1

    As per title, is A1 side mirro same size as S1 ? Reason to ask is that I purchased a custom fit car cover from Covercraft In the online order, it does not have S1 model so I choose A1 4 doors model. The cover fit well, the...
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    S1 engine stop start questions

    S1 owners, just wonder how's your engine stop start behave. After the engine stop, how soon it kick start itself without driver intervention ? I just had my S1, brand new delivery from dealer, only 6 weeks old now done 600km. The engine starts in very short period of time after it stop, I...