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    Removing front audi badge

    Having a nightmare getting the front badge off without damaging the black edition grill... I have marked the silver badge already and a clip on the badge is broken and still in the supporting frame, any ideas? 2011 8p black edition
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    Audi 8p RNS-E sat nav retrofit

    I have the 8p 2011 black edition without sat nav fitted. If I was to buy a second hand unit what would be needed to fit it? Keep hearing horror stories and also people saying it's a doddle... you guys are the ones to ask! Thanks.
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    Which lowering springs to buy???

    Hey guys, 2011 a3 8p black edition, standard 18" rotas but I want her lower... what brand do you recommend and lower by how much? Cheers.
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    Audi 8p black edition fog light removal

    Guys I'm wondering how I change the fog light on my black edition . I know the light itself will be held in with 2 or 3 bolts but I need to know HOW to get the plastic surrounds off that you can seewhilst looking at the car head on...