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    B9 Audi RS4 Vs Mercedes A45S AMG shocking!

    Hi guys what do you make of this? Has anyone driven the new A45S AMG?
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    Audi S3 2019 GPF REVO Stage 1

    Hi guys have any of with Audi S3's with the GPF done a REVO for stage 1 remap and got some post remap rolling road figures?. Also i have noticed there is no option for the TCU tune at this stage on the REVO website. I am based in Newcastle Upon Tyne so i would be interested to hear any...
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    Switch from Audi S3 to BMW M340i?

    Hi guys, i have a 2019 Audi S3 which has been a great car so far and ticks all the boxes i need which are practicality, AWD, fast and cheap to run. The only drawback of the car is the ****** harsh suspension (non magnetic suspension) and numb/vague steering. I was thinking of switching to...
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    Audi S3 service plan 20% off offer

    Hi guys Audi are currently offering 20% discount on service plans. My 2019 s3 with 4000 miles is £374 for two services with this discount. Would you say this is a good deal?. How much is the typical cost of the first and second service on an S3? Cheers
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    Race Chip GTS Black +73HP +120Nm Audi S3 8V PPF

    Hi guys does anyone here have any experience using the Race Chip GTS Black tuning box which gives +73 HP and +120Nm of torque according to the manufacturer. I am a bit apprehensive about going down...
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    Audi S3 8V Revo Performance Pack

    Hi guys, what are your thoughts of the Revo Performance Pack? They claim around 400HP and 550NM of torque producing a 0-60 time of 3.6seconds. The cost is high though at £2500 without fitting i imagine. Has anyone purchased this and is there a cheaper way of getting my 8V S3 to 400HP? Link to...
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    Audi S3 2019 Carista wing mirror dip

    Hi guys im finding difficulty in getting the passenger side wing mirror to dip in reverse despite enabling this feature using the carista app. If anyone can help me with a step wise guide i would be very grateful Cheers
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    Order new base RS3 or new fully loaded Golf R now?

    Hi guys I was strongly considering ordering an RS3 however after adding on a few key options such as the comfort and sport pack, the car was coming out at comfortably £50k+ with little to no discount. Monthly payments on this car with zero deposit were around £800, which I thought was quite high...
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    Wait for the new Mercedes Benz A45 AMG or just order the RS3 now?

    Hi guys is anyone here waiting for the new A45 AMG to be released later this year before ordering an RS3?. Does anyone think the A45 might be a better buy given the much newer technology of the new A class compared with the current 2016 A3 platform?
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    Keep SEAT Leon Cupra 290 or upgrade to Audi S3 or even Golf R

    Hey guys I have crossed the 3 year point of owning my SEAT Leon Cupra 290. Overall its been good to me and a very fun car with pretty loud DSG farts :D. The main drawback is of course traction in the wet or on cold days and of course mediocre build quality. I purchased the car new (fully loaded...
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    New to the forum but can't post - any ideas?

    Hi guys I am new to the forum and from Newcastle Upon Tyne. I'm hoping to buy a new RS3 and tried to post something in that forum but keep getting an error to contact the administrator...