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  1. br20vt

    One word to describe your RS3

  2. br20vt

    RS3 8v sweeping indicators / vcds

    Ok mate thanks for your help
  3. br20vt

    RS3 8v sweeping indicators / vcds

    Hi all, First post since picking up my RS3 8V in Nardo grey and loving it, such a pleasure to drive coming from my previous S3 8P manual. Is it possible to have sweeping indicators? Also are there any worthy VCDS tweaks? Thanks.
  4. br20vt

    S3 Sachs Organic cluch - which Slave Cylinder?

    Haha was unnecessary with that clutch mate, left calf is now huge
  5. br20vt

    So I designed and 3D printed... Armrest Annoyance, is it just me??

    Totally agree with this! I ended up slamming the armrest down and breaking the hinge!
  6. br20vt

    S3 Sachs Organic cluch - which Slave Cylinder?

    I had the Sachs clutch fitted with dmf and it worked fine however slightly ruined the car as a daily driver as it wasnt ideal in traffic
  7. br20vt

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    S3 8P Black optics grille with smoothed number plate recess. Mint condition £150. - See 'Audi parts' for sale section for pics. OEM downpipe and cat removed from my S3 8P due to Milltek upgrade - open to offers as not sure what these are worth? OEM S3 engine cover and airbox - Open to offers...
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    RS3 Grill - Where to put number plate?

    Pointless comment....
  9. br20vt

    18" to 19" tyre fitment

    Yeh as above mate, i ran 225/35's on 8.5J wheels, worked well with no catching.
  10. br20vt

    Bare Grills

    Had a side sticky plate for a while on my S3, had no chew off the police... Then i preferred this look.
  11. br20vt

    My S3 thread

    Car now sold!
  12. br20vt

    Sachs clutch

    To be honest im looking for a clutch that will be fine with 2+ power (no launches). Im not keen on going smf as heard lots about them sounding like a bag of hammers on idle? Can anyone provide me part numbers for the sachs unit?
  13. br20vt

    Sachs clutch

    Hi, After considering selling the S3 many times, I have decided to keep it and finally replace the clutch! (APR 2+) Can any of you supply me with the part number for the uprated sachs clutch and DMF kit as my mechanic is going to try and get me the best price possible. Thanks in advance.
  14. br20vt

    Airlift v2 controller.

    Mine is currently sat on top of my ash tray, looking at possibly getting an ash tray delete and mounting it in there but undecided yet..
  15. br20vt

    VW Festival Harewood House 2015

    Im doing weekend camping (y)
  16. br20vt

    Hello from Redcar

    You've just missed FittedUK on sunday mate, as far as local shows VW festival in leeds is coming up mid August, weekend camping
  17. br20vt

    Audi S3 Built Thread (Pic Heavy)

    Love the look on the TD's mate, wish mine was DSG!
  18. br20vt

    Number plate position on rs3 style grill?

    I have a five digit trimmed down plate on mine, and use 2 cable ties to secure the plate at the bottom of the grill, I just drilled two small holes through the digits on the plate and you can hardly tell they are there.