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  1. thorsy22

    Symphony CD changer/HDD options

    Hi guys, need some help/advice. I have a symphony head unit with Bose in my 2001 8L S3, getting fed up especially on longer journeys where the one CD is not enough. Have looked to see about installing an OEM CD changer (as lots going cheap on ebay atm) but the cable isn't there. Can anyone...
  2. thorsy22

    8L AMK S3

    Dave Could you give me a price on the following parts please. Thermostat O-ring = 038121119B Dipstick tube = 06D103634 O-ring for oil pick up = N0282222 Oil pick up = 06A115251 or 06B115251 (not sure which is the correct one for my car). Thanks Gaz
  3. thorsy22

    Cat issue

    Been told need to replace a lambda sensor and the cat. Now followed the instructions from this link to test the cat and all the lambda/oxygen sensors. But when it comes to testing the cat (basic settings block 46) it just stays on...
  4. thorsy22

    2001 Audi S3 8L

    Hi there Could you give me a price of for the following parts please. 1: Intake manifold cover 2: Audi TT alloy pedals (like these ---> 3: Boot lock cover plate (not sure if thats the right description so have included a photo...
  5. thorsy22

    MOT Advice

    Right few questions/queries, but first bit of background. Car has been off the road for a good while due to ABS system going Pete Tong, due to the current economic conditions just havent had the money (also lucky to still have a job), and Audi wanted ~£1900 :keule:to put it through an MOT and...
  6. thorsy22

    Engine noise

    Is this engine noise normal? Hadn't started mine for about 8months and it sounds a bit like this one with the tapping/ticking. Will try and get a video for comparison when I get it out to calibrate the steering angle sensor at the weekend. Do I need...
  7. thorsy22

    8L rear suspension spring

    Anyone got some oem rear springs lying around? My rear passenger side spring is broken (the little tail at the bottom has snapped off) and havent got the money to go bilstein and eibach springs yet. If anyone has a spare one lying around that they want to get rid of let me know. Many thanks Gaz
  8. thorsy22

    Lifting an S3

    I know its probably been done to death but I can't seem to find any pics of where to lift and place axle stands to get the S3 off the ground. So has anyone got pics of the best place to lift an S3 and then where to place the axle stands, also to maybe put it in the stickies too? Cheers
  9. thorsy22

    Goodridge Brake Hoses

    Been thinking of getting some goodridge brake hoses to stick on my car but not too sure on which model I need. There's 2 models to choose from, SAU0600-4P which are for S3's between 1996-2000 and SAU0610-4P for S3's between 10/2001-05/2003. Now my car is a Y-reg 2001 registered car but according...
  10. thorsy22

    ABS pump removal

    I need to remove my ABS pump to remove my ABS controller, whats the best way to do this? Do I need any special tools?
  11. thorsy22

    2001 S3 ABS controller

    Does anyone know the correct part number/s for a 2001 AMK engined S3? I've got one number off the pump part of the controller 8N0614517A and the other one from a VAGCOM scan which is 8N0907379E. Which one is the correct one, I've also got the scans if they are any use? Cheers