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    VT and wheels

    Hi all, I have VTd my car and I was wondering. I updgraded the wheels after I collected the car to some brand new OEM RS alloys. Would you leave them on and send the car back as it is or put the original back on(of which I would have to buy). Advice please i.e. would Audi be really fussy...
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    For Sale Genuine 19inch RS V-spoke alloys for sale

    Hello all, I am selling my absolutely mint 19inch RS V-spoke alloys. They are immaculate and have no scuffs, marks. They have been ceramic coated for extra protection. They have had two brand new Michelin Pilot 4s tyres on the front in January and I have only covered 1000 miles since then. The...
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    Voluntary termination

    Afternoon all, I trust that we are safe and well? I am in the process of VTing my car-long story. I am 31 months into a 48 month agreement and the process has been started. I had an email telling me that there is a shortfall of £1750 that I will still be liable for. This is despite me being...
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    Excess Mileage

    Morning All, I am 2.5 years into a PCP with 10,000 miles per year. I start a new job in January and my daily mileage will double. I spoke to Audi finance yesterday with a view to swapping my car next Summer. With 0.95 pence per excess miles charge I may be facing a £750 bill or thereabouts...
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    Air con stopped working

    Hi all, The aircon has stopped working on my A4 Avant(B9) 2017 Tdi 190 S-tronic. All was fine this morning but after parking up for four hours-no joy. If I put the fan on without aircon on there is air coming through the vents. As soon as I re-select aircon-the fan dies and there’s no air...
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    Tyre choice(brands)

    Morning all, Currently I have got Pirelli P Zero(AO) on all four corners. After a recent first service they told me the front's are down to 3mm and the rear at 5mm. Should I replace the front two like for like or replace all four with Goodyear Eagle Assymetric F3? The Goodyear has a better...
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    Topping up oil

    Ive just turned 9k miles and the oil level has dropped to 75% according to the indicator. I have just topped up with 250ml of oil that was provided with the car when I collected it from new. Do other people have similar experiences? Audi A4 B9 2.0 TDi(190 Stronic)
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    Any coders worked out Traffic Sign Recogniton yet?

    I appreciate that this has been asked before. Any one worked their magic yet? I can't fathom out why Audi wouldn't include this with the technology pack & virtual cockpit? £225 to have it included is a bit rich-especially when the front camera is there to facilitate it.
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    Best way of selling A4 B9 18inch alloys

    Thinking of upgrading my 18inch wheels to 19inch. Without using ebay to sell them on, wonder if anyone knows a way to sell them and get a reasonable price?
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    Upgrade to S4 RS19inch alloys?

    Evening all. Was wondering if it's worth upgrading my 18" alloys to 19" alloys. The S4 RS alloys do look the part. Trouble is if I add it to my order which is due to be built next week as a MY18 build it tips it into the higher car tax band and thus incurs an extra £340 a year-ouch. The other...
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    Audi tracker? Is it accurate?

    I have ordered an A4 Avant 190 Stronic with Technology Pack, Virtual Cockpit, Alcantara/Leather and Heated seats. I have just logged onto the Audi Tracker and its now showing as an A4 Ultra-I did not order the Ultra as the top end speed is reduced. Secondly the build week is scheduled for May...
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    Traffic Sign Recognition-Retro Fit??

    Hi, I have ordered an A4 Avant 190 Sline S-Stronic with Technology Pack, Virtual Cockpit, Alcantara/Leather and Heated seats as well as the Larger Fuel Tank. I am moving from an A6 Sline(190d) Manual. With the new tax system now in place my car comes in shy of £40k and thus avoids the extra...