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  1. TheBlackScarface

    Battlefield 1 PlayStation Community (looking for new players).

    Hey guys, me and my brother play every night after work Monday to Friday to the early hours of the morning and were looking for some new players to join us on BF1. Me and my brother are real easy going guys no attitude or ego just two dudes who love the franchise and like to have a laugh so...
  2. TheBlackScarface

    Threesome (2 girls 1 boy).

    Hi guys, I want to buy some new 20" wheels on Tuesday but I'm not sure if they will fit. My car is a 2012 A5 S-line cabriolet, the new alloy wheels offset is 37 but I've been told my car will only allow an offset of up to 35 is that correct? I'm also a little confused about tire sizes...
  3. TheBlackScarface

    Hey guys, what's your opinion on Raywell wheels?

    I found these wheels on Google images by accident and visually i absolutely love them. I'm thinking about buying a set of 20" JRR-Hyper Silver to put on my A5 convertible but to be honest i think their slightly a bit pricey in comparison to other 20" variants out there. Just wanted to know if...
  4. TheBlackScarface

    Black Ops 2

  5. TheBlackScarface

    19" BBS CK- offset 35 - Tires: 245/40/19

    I'm just about to buy a Audi TT 2.0T FSI and i wanted to know what wheels will fit on it. I love the 19" BBS CK's but im on what offset to get them in. I want the wheels to be parallel with the arches without rubbing but i haven't got a clue how the offset measure works on a TT...
  6. TheBlackScarface

    Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

  7. TheBlackScarface

    Stupid Hand Car Wash Man Slightly Marked My Roof With a Hoover.

    My car was parked underneath a tree over night and in the morning i noticed some "tree debris" had dropped on the roof so i took it to my local "hand car wash" and the stupid man hoovered it off but at the same time he slightly grazed my roof which i didn't realise at the time so i was just...
  8. TheBlackScarface

    Hand Car Wash Hoover Slightly Marked My Roof.

    The stupid man in the hand car wash yesterday marked my black roof with the hoover. What's the best way to remove it? I'm never going to a hand car wash again!
  9. TheBlackScarface

    The "TV" thread (LCD/Plasma/LED). Post pics.

    This is my baby i bought it in December, and it was worth every penny. 63" Samsung Plasma 3D TV Samsung 5.1 Surround Sound PlayStation 3 Nintendo Wii Sky+HD Bang & Olufsen BeoCom 6000 Turtle Beach P11
  10. TheBlackScarface

    "To HID or Not to HID"

    I've heard so many stories about HID lights i cant seem to make up my mind because i don't know if their going to be a good investment or a nightmare. 1. If i do decide to buy some which ones are the best? 2. Why do people get warning lights come up on the dashboard? 3. Are they easy to...
  11. TheBlackScarface

    My Worst Nightmare

    I was just driving out and about in my New second hand Audi i bought on Monday when i noticed the SDNRP symbols were flashing on the dashboard and then later on when i was parking the car i put it into reverse and it wouldn't register straight away i had to try it a couple of times until finally...
  12. TheBlackScarface

    19" RS6 Replica Alloys (help me)

    I want to but some 19" RS6 Replica wheels for my Audi A4 Cab but im scared they will rub because the B6 wasn't meant to have 19"s. I think i understand how the off-set works but im not to sure. I've been told that the off-set for my car is 45-35 whether that's true or not i couldn't tell you. So...
  13. TheBlackScarface

    Sexy Brunette

    Hey People I'm just about to buy an Audi A4 1.8T Auto Convertible for the summer but before i do i need some information on some parts i want to buy for it. 1. I'm going to buy 19" RS6 replica Alloy Wheels but i don't want them to rub so what offset and tires do i get? 2. Where can i...