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  1. br20vt

    RS3 8v sweeping indicators / vcds

    Hi all, First post since picking up my RS3 8V in Nardo grey and loving it, such a pleasure to drive coming from my previous S3 8P manual. Is it possible to have sweeping indicators? Also are there any worthy VCDS tweaks? Thanks.
  2. br20vt

    Sachs clutch

    Hi, After considering selling the S3 many times, I have decided to keep it and finally replace the clutch! (APR 2+) Can any of you supply me with the part number for the uprated sachs clutch and DMF kit as my mechanic is going to try and get me the best price possible. Thanks in advance.
  3. br20vt

    Best price on Sachs clutch (2+)

    Im looking for a complete Sachs clutch kit to suit my stage 2+ S3 as the standard one has seen its day. Any recommendations on the cheapest place to buy one? Cheers
  4. br20vt

    Stage 2+ DV help

    Going stage 2+ soon, already using a Forge DV, does anyone know which colour spring I need to be using? Thanks.
  5. br20vt

    My S3 thread

    Been looking through a few build threads on here and thought id share mine as ive been on here for a while now. Owned it for around a year now, 58 plate facelift model with Recaros, DRL's, parking sensors etc. Started off by changing the wheels a few times & some H&R springs :blahblah1...
  6. br20vt

    RS3 Calipers on S3 8P?

    Hi, Am i right in thinking i can use calipers from an RS3 and just buy TTRS discs etc? Are these two compatible? (Already have wheels that will clear them fine) thanks.
  7. br20vt

    H&R 25mm springs - what else will they fit?

    Removed my H&R springs from my S3 as i've now had Airride fitted, will these be a direct fit to a mk5 R32? Cheers!
  8. br20vt

    Air Ride insurance

    Hi, considering getting air on my S3 8P and wondered which insurance companies are worth a try. If any of you guys have air who are you insured with? cheers
  9. br20vt

    S3 BBK advice.

    Considering a big brake kit as the standard S3 brakes dont exactly fill me with confidence. Looking at TTRS / RS3 brakes just wondering if any of you guys have done this conversion and whats needed? Do they fit behind standard facelift wheels or is a lower ET wheel required? cheers
  10. br20vt

    S3 Clutch - where from?

    Hi, First ill apologise for yet another post on clutches. My car will be getting stage 1 software soon so i know a clutch will be on the horizon, After reading a few threads on here i think im set on the Sachs with OEM dmf, as i dont plan to go further than 2+. Who / wheres the best place...
  11. br20vt

    TTRS Clutch capabilities

    Hi, Thinking of upgrading the S3 to a TTRS, noticed there coming down a bit in price lately :D How do the clutches handle stage 2? (Im hoping its not a similar story to the S3's poor clutches!) Sorry if this has been asked before. cheers
  12. br20vt

    S3 DV / BOV

    Hi, Currently got this on my S3, is anyone else using this? I bought it second hand presuming it was the Forge DV but turns out this is the 'blow off valve kit'. It gives a nice recirc sound but also does an annoying 'psshhht'. Forge Motorsport | Alloy Fabrication For any of you running the...
  13. br20vt

    TT Vents?

    I'm wanting to put some TT vents on my S3 8P, Are they a direct replacement? Do i need to buy the full units or do the surrounds just swap over? cheers
  14. br20vt

    KW V1 Coilovers...

    Has anyone got any photos of there S3 8P using these coilovers? They state they can lower the car 10-40mm but im already using 25mm H&R springs so they may not be up to the job. cheers
  15. br20vt

    Audi S3 8P Remap / clutch

    Hi, im sure this has been asked many times on here, but here goes. Is it almost certain that i am going to need an uprated clutch once getting my S3 stage 1 Revo / APR? Bearing in mind i wont be launching / thrashing the t**s off it? well... not all the time :eyebrows: How many miles have...
  16. br20vt

    19" wheels / 25mm H&R springs anyone?

    Hi, I've asked this on a few forums and getting mixed feedback, not sure ive asked on here before. In the process of buying some 19 x 8.5" wheels for my S3 8P. With low profile tyres..maybe 35's? Am i going to get catching during normal driving or on full lock? Im sure a lot of you guys are...
  17. br20vt

    19" wheels / 25mm H&R springs anyone?

    Has anyone fitted 19 x 8.5 wheels on there 8P? A few people have said there are no rubbing issues when running 19 x 8 ET50, the wheels im wanting to fit are 19 x 8.5 ET45, and im using H&R 25mm springs, any help much appreciated. cheers
  18. br20vt

    Wheel alignment :s

    Had two new rear tyres fitted today to the S3 and drove up the road to find my steering wheel out of alignment and the car pulling to the left. When i taken it back to the garage they test drove it and agreed this was the case. They seemed puzzled why this had happened and said it could be the...
  19. br20vt

    Newbie to Audi-sport (Ibis 8P)

    Hi everyone, ive been on Vagoc and vagcars for a while now and thought id pop over onto this forum aswell. Recently sold my GT28 8L and picked up my new Ibis white 8P last month :racer:
  20. br20vt

    Revo tuner in the North East

    Hi, im after getting my 2008 facelift S3 mapped to Revo stage 1 for now, Just wanting some recommendations on where to go & any feedback within the north east preferably. Any help is much appreciated