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  1. a3oz

    What temp does the water pump start?

    I pulled the engine out and put it back into my A3 about 6 months ago. At the time, I went over possible future failures and the water pump intake had some cracks (it had had a front impact) as something had struck it. So I bought a new one and replaced it. I have had a devil of a time sourcing...
  2. a3oz

    What is this hose?

    Looking at this curious hose on a 2011 A3 Quattro 2.0 TFSI that does a wiggle off the back of the fuel pump, thru some odd connectors and then into firewall. What is it? And more importantly, how would I remove it? :-)
  3. a3oz

    Removing intake sensor behind oil filter

    I've prepping a 2.0 TFSI for removal, and so disconnecting all the sensors to the engine. Most are fairly straightforward but there's a sensor that sits behind the oil filter base. I removed the oil filter but unplugging this sensor, it can't be removed because it hits the oil filter base. It...
  4. a3oz

    Bought myself a little fixer-upper..

    I'm a newbie to the site! I picked up a damaged 2011 A3 Quattro at auction a couple of months ago and finally got some garage space today to start on the 'fixup'. It has had a front impact but other than radiator damage, it seems to run ok - I can start engine and drive it for a minute or so. So...