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  1. Rikster23

    MMI Speed Camera?

    I was wondering if the C6 MMI have speed camera warnings? I havent actually needed to use my navigation system yet. Can anyone advise on this? I am planning a trip with the family to Newquay and wanting to use the cruise control set at 70mph. I understand that there will be strips that...
  2. Rikster23

    Sport mode

    How many of you use the sport mode? Wanted to see if it is worth the drive experience? Also can you use the paddle shifts in this mode?
  3. Rikster23


    What do you keep in your boot? I have had my A6 for 2 weeks and did the weekly shop. What annoyed me was that one bag opened up and all my shopping went everywhere. I had to dive into the boot much to my wifes amusement. Do you have a boot liner or have the anti slip liner in yours?
  4. Rikster23

    Changing bulbs

    I was wondering who has changed their headlight bulbs and interior lighting? Reason I am asking is I was told that if I get the wrong bulbs for the front headlight it might cause issues with the ecu? Is this true? I am hoping to change my door sill, interior and boot lights with the newer LED...
  5. Rikster23

    Android & MMI

    Do many of you use the MMI function to bluetooth your phone to the system? I havent tried yet as I only bought my A6 over the weekend. The armrest included a Nokia base, but both my wife & I use android handsets (HTC). Can anyone advise on this please? My car is a 07 plate. R
  6. Rikster23

    Exhaust options

    Hi, I will be joining the A6 club in a few weeks when I pick up a second hand 07 A6 2.0 TDI with 60k on the clock. Its been remapped already (whoop whoop) and professionally valeted (so they say). The car is an upgrade from a 8L A3 which has served my family for a good number of years. We are...
  7. Rikster23

    Good things comes in threes?? Locking pump, fan and lights go bang...

    So my V reg A3 is coming of age. Ive just hit 60k miles on the clock and things are starting to fall apart. Firstly the central locking pump fails. However Ive read on forums and it seems I can simply replace the impeller so thats not an issue. Secondly my climate control has been running a...
  8. Rikster23

    Boot Dimension

    Does anyone have the boot dimensions for an 8L? I am in the process of moving and wondered how much space I have. litres wise I can find. But I need to move my parents fish tank which is 121x51x71cm (LxDxH). The tank is around 350l. But its the height Im worried about. I dont have access to...
  9. Rikster23

    A6 vs BMW 5 (E60) Series

    I havent had the chance to test drive the A6 yet, and my cousin is currently driving a 5 series. I was impressed by the car and currently looking to buy a new car. Im armed with around £15k and have an 8L Audi A3 with 50k on the clock. Although I love my Audi to bits, starting a family with an...
  10. Rikster23

    VAGCOM in London

    Hi there, I was wondering if there were any members who had VAGCOM around in London? My comfort settings have gone abit funny after my battery went dead. Currently my rear windows cannot open or shut without me controlling them from the front and central locking is weird as when I put the...
  11. Rikster23

    Central locking & windows

    Quick question. I have a 5 dr Audi 1.8. A while ago my battery died (due to the misses opening the central light to find her phone) When we tried to drive, obviously the battery was flat so we got it revived and away we go. Ever since then, I find that when I do central locking button...
  12. Rikster23

    Avus alloy colour

    My little project for the forthcoming bank holiday is to respray my standard avus alloys. They are currently in a sorry state and kerbed a few times by my (lovely) other half. Although I have ordered some wurth paints, was thinking possibly trying different colour. My car is a silver A3...
  13. Rikster23

    Spare Avus Alloy

    Hi, I am after a spare 17" Avus alloy. Does anyone have one lying about that they want to sell? Preferably with a tyre. My misses kerb one of my alloys pretty bad :P Rather try here before fleabay. Cheers
  14. Rikster23

    Facelift front and rear lights

    Hi all, Sorry for probably posting this as Im sure its done before or hijacked. Seeing as I needed cheering up, after someone deliberatly stole my wing mirror and my side repeaters :wtf:I thought why not start a project on the car. I am after some front and rear facelift headlights...
  15. Rikster23

    Should I go for these 18's..

    I have a bog standard Audi A3 1.8SE 8L, pre facelift, in Aluminium Silver. Running standard horrible 15" on them and want to upgrade to I know the RS4 reps are...
  16. Rikster23

    TT from Hong Kong

    Came across this TT on my holidays abroad. Thought Id share a few pics.
  17. Rikster23

    Car Breaker Yards in London

    Does anyone know or used Car Breaker yards around London? Just thought I would hunt down for some Audi front and rear lights for the summer. Anyone shedding light on this will bless themselves with mild British weather for the fortchcoming months :) :sos:
  18. Rikster23

    Polishing badge

    What products do you use to polish the badge to a very high shine? I am aware that the Audi doesnt have that many shiny parts bar the alloys. My audi rings look a bit tired and would love to have an idea what you guys tend to use to bring it up a notch. Cheers
  19. Rikster23

    A3 Owners in London?

    Any A3 owners based in London at all? I notice there are loads on the skirts of London but London itself? Reason being is Im interested in meeting up for a chat/detailing/advice session with other enthusiasts.
  20. Rikster23

    Detailers in Central London?

    Just wondering if there are any detailers willing to come into central London? I live in SW1 and recently bought a second hand 8L A3 which recieved a nice scratch from a bike courier and basically would like to have the car detailed as well.