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  1. Marc1

    LED tail light replacements

    Hi guys, have any of you replaced the bulbs in the tail lights with LeD's? If so, any pictures to share? I've searched and searched, but apologies if there are other threads on this topic. I know you can get replacement tail light units by the likes of Decane, etc but I can not make my mind up...
  2. Marc1

    Looking for a good 1.9TDI or 1.8T (190) quattro

    Hi chaps, it's been a while since I've been on here. Am potentially looking to get back into a B6, ideally a 1.9 TDI quattro sport but looking at the 1.8T's too - just the dreaded sludge worry puts me off slightly. Same with the 2.5TDI's too, cracking motor, but I know a few have had issues...
  3. Marc1

    DTM Bumper any good for anybody?

    Not associated with the seller, but looks like a nice mod for you guys, you'd need 100mm tips to fill those exhaust holes. BRAND NEW GENUINE AUDI A4 DTM REAR BUMPER S4 RS4 RARE on eBay (end time 29-Sep-10 20:07:31 BST)
  4. Marc1

    From B6 to B5 I blame Stoakseya4 personally :-)

    Been meaning to write this post for ages... Well back in February it was time to say fairwell to my trusty B6 Avant 1.9TDI Sport. During the time I had it, it was extremely reliable and drove like it had a third of the miles on the odometer and well planted for a FWD estate car. Anyway the...
  5. Marc1

    HELP - B5 RS4 airbox vac

    Hi, hope someone can help. Recently noticed the vac pipe at the bottom of the airbox that opens the additional flap is not connected to anything. I believe this attaches at the back of the inlet manifold under the N75. I have roved the y ipe, airbox, n75 and other valves and loosened the black...
  6. Marc1

    quattro GmbH Rear Antiroll bar

    Hi, can you give me a price for the above please including bushings, brackets, bolts etc (anything required). It's a speacial order part from quattro GmbH for the B5 RS4, the bar is 17mm thick. Can you also let me know if there any additional parts need to be ordered like subframe brakets...
  7. Marc1

    Aero wipers

    Has anyone upgraded to aero wipers recently? There seem to be a lot available on the bay at differing prices. Some just hook fitment and some replacing both blade and arm at over £100. I can't seem to tnx any recent posts on any of the forums and don't want to buy some *****. Any ideas?
  8. Marc1

    Pair of tuned R8's

  9. Marc1

    Question for the 3.0TDI (201PS) remapped guys

    Just wondered what sort of figures you guys have got from your remaps. The info on the good old www seems all over the shop, with some tuners suggesting around 256bhp and other claiming 275-280bhp, the same as the TDV versions. I'm not entirely sure why the figures would differ in all honestey...
  10. Marc1

    Two C6 RS6's in one day...

    It's fair to say that the C6 RS6 is pretty rare. I've only really seen the odd one on the A1 every now and again, yet driving up the M62 to Leeds a lovely red Avant was in front, unfortunately the traffic was pretty bad, so no chance of seeing it in it's glory - shame. Lovely colour though...
  11. Marc1

    EBC pad fitting - doesn't look right to me...

    Just replaced the pads the other day and noticed them now sqealing just before stopping. A quick look and the rotors are holding rust and the pad doesn't seem to be contacting fully. This doesn't look right to me, but the pads seated ok and the back of the pad is flush with the caliper so I'm a...
  12. Marc1

    Ingition Live Feed

    Anyone know a good ingition on feed to take power from to power a cig lighter mounted behind the dash and what colour wires are they, I amuse red and black? Also I have 15a mp twin core cable, will that be ok to use? Cheers
  13. Marc1

    Half leather S Line interior - Saloon

    Any good to anyone? I'd have been temped if they were for the Avant. EBAY LINK
  14. Marc1

    Cabriolet RNS-E differ from Avant and Saloon?

    Hey up. Does anyone know if the RNS-E from the A4 Cab (8H) will fit in the A4 Avant / saloons? The part number is: 8HO O32 192
  15. Marc1

    A3 S line (RS 6) wheels for Sale

    A3 S line (RS 6) wheels for sale part number 8P0 601 025 S - 18 INCH These are genuine Ronal wheels 7.5x 18h2 ET 54 5/112 PR CODE CU7 Tyres Kumo Ecsta 225/40 zr 18 88w all 5 to 6 mm. PM me if anyone is interested. :thumbsup:
  16. Marc1

    Black B8 A4 LT09G** A64 Friday 1st May

    Going from Leeds to Pickering. Black saloon, nicely specced by the looks of it. I was in the blue B6 Avant. Which engine version is your car, any mods or a remap? It seemed to go well. Looked great too :thumbsup:
  17. Marc1

    Moving front brakes to back.

    Does anyone know if the bolt pattern for the rear caliper and carrier is the same front and back? I assume they're not, as the rear calipers look tiny. I was just wondering if I upgrade the front brakes, if I can then move the standard 288mm ones to the back, for added benefit. Probaby looking...
  18. Marc1

    Iphone or Nokia 5800

    Does anyone have experience of both phones? Which is the better one in peoples opinion and why? I know the Iphone is supposed to have a rubbish camera, but it's useability and range of applications seems leagues ahead of the contenders. What are your views? Cheers
  19. Marc1

    Such a shame they only fit a cab!
  20. Marc1

    B6 / B7 FWD Milltek anyone?

    It's back for sale: You'll have to be quick this time NikNak, lol! Just sell the B7 valance.