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  1. Chamb0

    Time to get back in an RS5

    So after selling my 2011 RS5 for an S3 then the s3 getting stollen, I’ve decided after a couple of years of BMW ownership to jump back in to a 2018 model. My budget is £50k what do you guys think are a must have extra?
  2. Chamb0

    S3 stolen Lastnight

    Woke up this morning at 4:20am for work, front door wide open, keys gone, car gone!! I'm so ****** off with thieving *****! My CCTV shows it all, just trying to get it off my box now so i can upload the footage here! Black S3 B19RVC RS3 front grill APR intake
  3. Chamb0

    Bluetooth issues

    lately I've been noticing I've not been getting any message alerts when my phone is connected to Bluetooth, and if I'm parked up sending a text I'm not getting any button tap noises from the phone. I'm sure it used to any ideas??
  4. Chamb0

    Price of remap

    I'm getting APR remap Stage 1 done today and they quoting me £700. seems a little excessive i thought £500 was the normal. How much did you guys pay?
  5. Chamb0

    GFB DV+ Performance Diverter Valve

    Thinking of ordering a GFB DV+ Performance Diverter Valve, has anyone on here had one / tested one? was hoping to get a little more throttle response
  6. Chamb0

    Annoying rattle

    So today i noticed a really annoying rattle coming from the front of my car when going pretty slow, at first i thought it was the MMI screen so i lowed that and the rattle was still there, its like its coming from the front speaker in the center of the dash. I spoke to my local Audi they said...
  7. Chamb0

    S3 carbon rear diffuser

    Hey all as the title say's i would like to get some carbon parts for my S3 for Xmas, I've seen mirror caps at my local Audi but cant find a carbon rear diffuser. Any know of any sites that sell them? Might be worth just getting mine wrapped...
  8. Chamb0

    Downshift Blip

    Finally picked up the S3 on Saturday morning, Said my goodbyes to the RS5 i was thinking i was really going to miss it, but the S3 is such a great little car its hard to fault it! I love the little burble on the up-shift, but was expecting a little more when down-shift.Also my stop start isnt...
  9. Chamb0

    Picking up S3 Shortly

    Hi all I've just recently sold my RS5 and have now bought an S3!! its a 2014 Panther Black. I've been reading the forums for tips and helpful pointers. I have a few mods planed not sure about remap as i don't really wanna void the one year warranty i have left maybe next year, i might pick up...
  10. Chamb0

    New to Audi

    Hi all, looking to buy an 2011 RS5 next week been looking at a few and found one i like. looks like a great forum to pick up some pointers and tips. Any common problems i should look out for on the test drive. Thanks Ricky