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  1. ben_a38p

    8P (pre-facelift) DRL ightbulbs type xenon.

    Post a photo of the lights you have, side lights in mine are 501 then other front lights are H7
  2. ben_a38p

    [Product] Phone holder for the 8P

    Have a look at Brodit phone mounts then I have the Mous rugged phone case with wireless magnetic charging mount attached to it to the left of the radio
  3. ben_a38p

    LED lights upgrade

    I fitted facelifted 2007 onwards rear lights to my 55 plate Sportback with the LED tail lights and upgraded white LED reverse lights. LED plate lights, full LED interior light upgrade - already had factory fitted ambient lighting but changed the footwell lights to red - looks way better. LED...
  4. ben_a38p

    Instagram users

  5. ben_a38p

    LED lights upgrade

    What was the link to these?
  6. ben_a38p

    DRL led and H7 main headlight halogen

    Anybody managed to change H7 headlight bulbs to LED without errors? Please post links if you have to the parts used
  7. ben_a38p

    No ESP light?

    Sometimes my ESP light comes on and cuts power then switch engine off and on again light still on but power restored then doesn’t come on again it’s weird only happens about once a month
  8. ben_a38p

    LED lights upgrade

    I’ve got H7 LED’s in at the moment for headlights and so much brighter but unless you use those orange H7 resistors (can get with H7 plugs) off eBay there will be a bulb error but those resistors get so hot. So I tried a different H7 resistor that comes in a black casing that isn’t hot at all...
  9. ben_a38p

    Ashtray delete/non-smoker tray retrofit - Pic heavy

    I’ve a 55 plate Sportback and had the ambient light kit factory fitted along with a whole load of other options, rare I think though as there are red LED’s everywhere
  10. ben_a38p

    S line boot spoiler

    Yep that’s what I did to mine, be aware the centre brake light is different but plugs into same socket and safer to drill holes in tailgate to secure
  11. ben_a38p

    Tyre Pressures

    Hi do you know the part number for your tyre pressure sticker? Printed at the bottom?
  12. ben_a38p

    Squeak from LH Front over bumps

    it’s not ever every bump though and springs are solid it’s really weird, thinking it could be something like my pads moving in my brake callipers?
  13. ben_a38p

    Squeak from LH Front over bumps

    bushes have been checked, tugged and pulled everything underneath and nothing makes a sound even greased anything I thought could’ve been causing the noise
  14. ben_a38p

    Just bought an A3!

    Hi I’ve also got a panoramic roof, is it the interior sun blind clip to hold it closed that’s broken? Please attach photos- same thing happened on mine
  15. ben_a38p

    Squeak from LH Front over bumps

    I’ve recently noticed a squeak coming from the left front corner whenever I go over a bump or pothole but it’s only some, for example speed bumps I hear it and potholes on the left side but coming off my driveway hear nothing. Speed makes no difference and still squeaks with the brakes on. when...
  16. ben_a38p

    ECON light (2005 model)

    Especially with the summer temperatures, my AC even on low isn’t especially cold and the ECON light doesn’t turn off. Any advice? The compressor is working thinking it might just need a re-gas? I know the facelift models have an ‘AC’ button instead but facelift have a complete different AC...
  17. ben_a38p

    Tailgate Storage Net & 12v power

    thank you but looking at prices might just find a bet to fit and screw through existing panel, just something to hold small bits like jump leads first aid kit
  18. ben_a38p

    Tailgate Storage Net & 12v power

    What is the part number and how much roughly?
  19. ben_a38p

    Rear Wiper motor caught on fire...

    this was the inside of my wiper motor, think the rear window wash pipe was leaking or some seals gone but cleaned it up and oiled, good as new ... took about an hour ignore the writing and man in the photo, off my Instagram
  20. ben_a38p

    Tailgate Storage Net & 12v power

    Just wondering if anybody has this option in their A3? Only seen on some Sportback models but comes with 12v socket in boot and net on the right side? Just basically wanted a part number for this net. ... show me other bout modifications too