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  1. SteveBAM

    A5 to S5/RS5 rear brake upgrade

    Hi guys, i recently upgraded my front brakes with a brembo BBK and i'm looking into upgrading the rear also. Been doing some research and i cant find if the S5 or RS5 rear calipers and rotors are a direct bolt on. My car is a 2014 A5 Quattro. Any information would be highly appreciated. I've...
  2. SteveBAM

    A5 turbo upgrade

    Hi guys, I have a 2014 A5 Quattro with a Gen 3 2.0t TFSI engine (CNCD). It has the IHI is20 turbo and I was wondering if a is38 turbo would be a direct bolt on? Has anyone tried this? Thanks in advance.[emoji106] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. SteveBAM

    A5 Sportsback from down under

    Hi guys, i've been a member of this forum for many years. A few years ago I moved from Athens Greece to Melbourne Australia and this is my 2014 Audi A5 2.0T Quattro.:icon thumright::icon thumright:
  4. SteveBAM

    knocking noise when engine cold on start up.

    found this Audi 8L S3 - Startup noise when engine cold. - YouTube for a while mine has been doing the same when starting up cold then goes away when the engine warms up. Runs fine apart from that.Any ideas what it could be?Thanks
  5. SteveBAM

    Fastest S3 with R32 turbo engine..

    hey guys, check this S3 out S3 0-400 Tune 2 Race drag tympaki - YouTube ;)
  6. SteveBAM

    my other toy....

    didn't know where to post this so ill put it in here.Apart from my S3 which i have been in love with for the past 2 and a half years i am also a motorbike fan and i thought i would show you my bike. Its a suzuki Hayabusa and for those of you who are not into motorbikes its known as one of the...
  7. SteveBAM

    been keeping my self busy...

    Hi guys, well after a problem that accrued with my transmission (couldn’t select reverse) I thought I would go ahead and remove the tranny my self, and since I would be doing that I thought I might as well do a couple of other things as well. -timing belt,water pump,tensioning roller,belt...
  8. SteveBAM

    Gates cam timing belt

    hi guys, my S3 is due for a timing belt change and I was wondering what you opinions would be on the Gates ones. has anyone used them? or should I go OEM to be on the safe side. thanks
  9. SteveBAM

    gearbox problem..

    hi all, I was out with a friend on a rainy night a few weeks ago and I did a few rough starts to show off..actually I was drag racing 2 fwd cars that where struggling to start in the rain(yes I know that is stupid:tocktock:),anyway after some really aggressive gear changes I cant seem to be able...
  10. SteveBAM

    Precision 5857 billet turbo..

    hi guys, what do you have to say about this turbo : Precision HP5857 (Billet): CTS Turbo it’s a precision HP5857 billet, it is aid that they are one of the best units out there and is capable of around 570HP. they use a ceramic ball bearing and do not have a water feed. The billet version...
  11. SteveBAM

    3.2l V6 conversion

    ok, ive been thinking about this lately and after seeing a few cars here working very nicely around the 600hp mark i thought it might be a better idea if instead of throwing heaps of money at my 1.8L engine (for top end, bottom end) it might be smarter to do a 3.2l swap and put a light turbo kit...
  12. SteveBAM

    re-drilling discs

    as you might know, I am in the process of upgrading my front brakes. with my new Evo X calipers that i bought from ebay in, I have been looking to find a set of rotors so I can send them off to have adapters made for the...
  13. SteveBAM

    help with in-tank fuel pump

    ok, so today I received a Walbro In-Tank pump (GSS 340, 255ltr ), went down to my garage, pulled out my S3 pump and that’s when it came to me that S3's have two tanks and that the stock pump has something like 2 feeds that circulates the fuel from one tank to the other which the Walbro pump does...
  14. SteveBAM

    Kids playing in the snow..

    this is probably why my clutch has started slipping..!!!! this is from back in late January, dont mind the language(Greek)..!!!:cool:
  15. SteveBAM

    Brembo Calipers

    some one I know is selling me these Brembo calipers for a pretty good price(350 euros) and he says they are from a Range Rover Supercharged.. the calipers are pretty big, about 33cm in length and 16cm in width... they have a code on them 20.8535.03 A1 and I cant seem to find any info on them...
  16. SteveBAM

    ESP light

    I did a search but didn’t come up with anything.. this has been happening for the past couple of months and happened again last night.. was out with a friend and at the red light 2 cars stopped next to me, one Skoda Octavia 1.8t and one Astra OPC, so I thought what the hell, my clutch has...
  17. SteveBAM


    hello to all, ive been a member for a few months now and I think its time introduce my self. My name is Steve and I live in Athens Greece. I have been a VAG fan and owner since 2004 when I bought a MK4 Golf Gti. I am originally from Melbourne Australia(born there but moved to Greece at a young...
  18. SteveBAM

    another BT question..??

    I've been doing some research lately on a BT upgrade for my S3, and i read somewhere that a GT2871r would work fine on a stock chipped motor... is that true? i am asking because I'm thinking of going with that turbo, and because i will be taking my transmission off for a needed clutch...
  19. SteveBAM

    Best setup for reliable 380-400hp..??

    hi im doing some research on big turbo setups for my '03 S3 and would like any info on the best big turbo setup for 380-400hp. My main concern would be reliability and comfort, I don’t want to turn my car into a racing machine, I just want to have some fun with the Porsches now and then.. and by...
  20. SteveBAM

    Big brake kit..

    hi I am in the process of upgrading my front and rear brakes with a big brake kit. I have read about all the useual big brands like brembo, Porsche kits and others., but have not found any info on CompBrake kits. I find there 4pot 350x32mm (...