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  1. JorKSX

    1.9tdi passat drains battery too fast

    So im having little problem with my passat, 1.9tdi engine 85kw and year 2000, variant. When car is running the voltages are like 14.5 so the alternator is good. Also battery is good for sure. (car is build for subwoofers and there is 3 extra big batteries but they cut off when I shutdown the...
  2. JorKSX

    2.5 TDI Strong Knock, No start

    So yesterday my 1998 a6 2.5tdi v6 started littleknock, When driving faster the engine like "yelled" (no fault codes) Today morning the engine was knocking very strongly. I HAD to drive it to work (5km). After work I started the car and the knocking was very bad. I went to some car shop and...