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  1. Alli_RR

    Saloon Turbo blankets, exhaust/intake wrap Yes/No?

    Turbo blanket and heat wrapped exhaust DP and turbo intake... good/bad idea on my FL RS3. Turbo blankets and wrap seem pretty cheap but I dunno if there are side effects on a daily vs race car in terms of turbo life etc. Anyone running about with this sort of thing?Tangible benefits...
  2. Alli_RR

    Cars and Coffee

    Evening all, Just wondering if there's anything coming up that I can attend? Not sure if you do a 'cars and coffee' style meet up at the likes of Braehead/Loch Lomond or whatever. Doesnt have to be a full day thing, I'm fairly used to a meet and greet for an hour or so once a month via other...
  3. Alli_RR

    Evening all - New Scottish Member

    Hi there, Decided to sign up after lurking around as a guest for the past wee while! I'm Alli, based near Glasgow and . Recently turned 35 and whilst at work was browsing pistonheads for a new daily to cheer myself up. I spotted a '65 plate S3 down near Leeds - 24hrs later the deal was done...